11 Common Signs That Prove You Might Have an Autoimmune Disease

4Reoccurring fever

If you suddenly start experiencing bouts of fever for no apparent reason or keep getting viral attacks more often than usual, then it could indicate an autoimmune disease that usually starts with frequent viral attacks.

Reoccurring fever

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5Fatigue and weakness

Inspite of sleeping your prescribed time at night, if you continue to feel sleepy during the day, tired or fatigued, then this is symptom of AD. AD hepatitis, celiac disease, hemolytic anemia, IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrome) and Hashimoto’s disease all induce fatigue as one of the common symptoms of AD.

Fatigue and weakness

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6Glandular swelling

Swollen gland and lymph nodes are a sign of rheumatoid arthritis and which usually show up when a person has had the disease for a long time. Both sarcoidosis and Lupus can cause glandular swelling.

Glandular swelling

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7Itching and skin rash

If you notice your skin drying suddenly, frequent itching and rashes on your body as in an allergy, then it may not just signify an allergy. Itchy means a reduction of immunity where the same symptom is prevalent in Type 1 diabetes, Hashimotos disease and psoriasis.

Itching and skin rash

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