11 Common Signs That Prove You Might Have an Autoimmune Disease

I’m sure you may have heard the term autoimmune disease?? Though it may seem all medical and Greek to you, you’ll be surprised that this condition is an indication of several other diseases that any of us could be afflicted with. In a nutshell, autoimmune disease is a disorder of the immune system that weakens the body to fight of viruses and invaders making to vulnerable to infection.


There are approximately 80 types of autoimmune disease

Examples of autoimmune diseases are psoriasis, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis etc. There are almost 80 autoimmune disease on record and are gradually increasing worldwide because of lifestyle choices and poor diet that is making our bodies weaker by the minute. Without a diagnosis, such diseases can take a huge toll on our lives with the potential of becoming serious or fatal.

autoimmune disease

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More prevalent in women than men

Autoimmune disease or AD as it is referred to is more prevalent in women than in men. The biggest challenge and disadvantage when it concerns making a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease is many of the symptoms that are common to all 80 types of AD. Once the Ad is identified, only then it becomes easier to formulate the right medication and treatment. Here are 10 common symptoms of autoimmune disease.

More prevalent in women than men

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1 Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain affects almost everyone suffering from some autoimmune disease or the other. Moreover combined with abdominal pain and cramps are abnormalities in bowel movements such as being constipated one day and experiencing diarrhea the next. Among stomach related AD is crohns disease, celiac disease and also hypothyroidism that will incite this symptom. You can refer to this article on how to remove toxic waste from your colon.

Abdominal pain

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2Digestive issues

In many patients afflicted with AD, digestion becomes a problem where gluten consumed through food attack the vili in the small intestine causing digestive disorders. They are also varying digestive disorders linked to autoimmune disease like ulcerative colitis and autoimmune hepatitis.

Digestive issues

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Inflammation from AD won’t exactly make itself known immediately; it attacks you slowly inside your body. There are signs of such a condition like goiter which is a swelling in the neck because of an enlarged thyroid.


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4Reoccurring fever

If you suddenly start experiencing bouts of fever for no apparent reason or keep getting viral attacks more often than usual, then it could indicate an autoimmune disease that usually starts with frequent viral attacks.

Reoccurring fever

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5Fatigue and weakness

Inspite of sleeping your prescribed time at night, if you continue to feel sleepy during the day, tired or fatigued, then this is symptom of AD. AD hepatitis, celiac disease, hemolytic anemia, IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrome) and Hashimoto’s disease all induce fatigue as one of the common symptoms of AD.

Fatigue and weakness

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6Glandular swelling

Swollen gland and lymph nodes are a sign of rheumatoid arthritis and which usually show up when a person has had the disease for a long time. Both sarcoidosis and Lupus can cause glandular swelling.

Glandular swelling

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7Itching and skin rash

If you notice your skin drying suddenly, frequent itching and rashes on your body as in an allergy, then it may not just signify an allergy. Itchy means a reduction of immunity where the same symptom is prevalent in Type 1 diabetes, Hashimotos disease and psoriasis.

Itching and skin rash

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8Tingling in feet and legs

When you experience a tingling sensation in your feet and legs, then it could be a symptom of Guillain Barre disease which is a serious condition. Don’t wait, but consult a doctor when you experience this sensation because you may not be having the disease but its better to be safe than sorry. GB can cause paralysis, increased heart rate and breathing difficulty.

Tingling in feet and legs

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9Sudden weight loss or weight gain

Sudden weight changes are a symptom for many disease which is why AD is such a complicated condition to diagnose accurately. Losing or gaining weight suddenly isn’t a good sign and you need to consult a doctor immediately. When AD reduces your metabolism, you can either gain alloy of weight or suddenly start losing weight. Rapid weight loss or weight gain could indicate coeliac’s disease, Graves’ disease and Hashimoto disease.

Sudden weight loss or weight gain

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10Changes in skin tone and color

The most likely change in skin color is skin turning yellow. You will notice this most in your fingernails and the whites of the eyes. Even if your skin appears to have a yellow tint, then it could indicate hepatitis. White patches on the skin and face could be vitiligo.

Changes in skin tone and color

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11Food allergy

This is the most common and of all symptoms in Autoimmune diseases. Food allergies are quite complex because it may be one among several food items causing the allergies or it could be many. You can’t exactly treat a food allergy with an antihistamine. That only reduces the effects such as rash and itching or swelling. The underlying cause of the disease could be AD like Hashimoto’s disease or celiac. You will most probably need to undergo a preliminary IGE or Immunoglobulin test to detect allergens in the blood. There are other tests which will depend on the disease the doctor suspect you may be suffering with.

Moreover, food allergies don’t only mean itching and rash, it could mean swelling of the face or various parts of the body. It could mean diarrhea or even irritable bowel or irregular bowel movements. It is advisable to consult a doctor when you notice any abnormality after eating any particular food.

Food allergy

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Get yourself checked now

AD is a chronic condition and diagnosing the disease early will improve and prolong your life. If you should ever suffer from the above symptoms, always consult a doctor to rule out auto immune disease. Being forewarned is forearmed for good health always.


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