10 ways you can clean your oily skin

Today’s cosmetic industry is banking on the fact that no two people have skins of similar type. Hence they put out products that suit every skin type.


But the most difficult skin to maintain probably is the oily kind unless you use the products offered at this website. This is because oily skin can happen at any stage of life, regardless of age, sex, previous skin type or the place you live. While some people are genetically gifted in the skin department, others get oily skin as genetics. Also poor skin maintenance and habits like smoking cigarettes and tobacco can lead to oily skin.

Women are more susceptible to oily skin when they are pregnant or while they go through menopause. The effects of oily skin are that women can find it difficult to wear makeup. Others can find their skin moist and greasy even if they wash their face or take shower multiple times. It also means the skin acts like magnet and attracts dirt and things that can harm the skin.


Here are 10 ways you can easily maintain that oily skin.

1 Determine the skin type

Despite popular notion that it is easy to determine the skin type by just looking at it, it is vital for you to properly know what skin type you have. By knowing exactly what kind of skin you have, you can prepare a better skin cleansing routine.


That can be easily done by employing a blot test. Just keep tabs of how many times you blot your face. If your skin is dry, the tissue you use to blot the skin will come off as clean. Else the tissue will soak up oil whenever you wipe/blot your face.

Other signs of oily skin type is visible pores, a shiny area called the T-Zone; area that extents your forehead and nose and finally frequent breakouts of blackheads and pimples.

Determine the skin type

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2 Cleanse the skin from inside out

Now that you have determined your skin type as oily, let’s get to work on how to maintain it. The first thing to do is to check what you eat and drink, because most of the problems we face come from the inside.


You might want to avoid foods with extra oils such as fast food and try and add foods which have excess of vitamin C in them like lemon and kiwi. Vitamin C is widely known to cleanse the body and particularly the skin, getting rid of excess oil from the face. Other types of vitamins related deficiency that is known to cause oily skin are vitamin B5 and B2. Hence eat lots of nuts, beans and whole grains in your diet.

Cleanse the skin from inside out

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3 Find your perfect skin cleaning product

Now that diet is out of the way, we get to some cleansing products. There are many products especially moisturisers and cleansers in the market, both expensive and mass produced; you can try any one of those.

It takes some time to find that perfect product that suits your skin, so try mixing and matching. Also there is not much difference in expensive brand products and store items, as the ingredients used in them are mostly similar.

Find your perfect skin cleaning product

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4 Be gentle

Use normal temperature water to wash your face in order to remove the excess oil and dirt. Warm water tends to dry the skin too much and in the process removes the oil that is necessary to keep the skin soft and smooth. On the other hand, cold water doesn’t actually remove all the dirt and oil which can result in the problem coming back sooner than you expect.


Also don’t go rubbing your face with too much pressure in a bid to remove the excess oil as it can cause serious burns and rashes. Instead of that, use a foaming gel and gently massage your face for no more than 20-30 seconds and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Be gentle

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5 Use skin toners

Toners are mostly used to constrict the pores of the skin, lower the skin’s pH value and remove the dirt and oil from the face. In fact it is highly recommended to people especially with oily skin.


But as the toners contain alcohol in them; do not use them for more than 2-3 times in a week. Alcohol tends to dry out the skin. A toner that has both alcohol and salicylic acid will be the best one for cleansing oily skin.

Use skin toners

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6 Use moisturisers in moderation

One thing that people with oily skin have to do less is moisturise. But still moisturising the problem dry areas is a good recommendation as it maintains the balance between oily and dry spots.


Use moisturisers with glycerine as they tend to have a better effect on keeping the dry areas moist and the skin smooth and healthy.

Use moisturisers in moderation

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7 Use clay mask

Using a clay mask once a week can be much healthier for oily skin than you think. Clay has natural minerals and properties that remove the excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells without harming the skin.


Clay also improves excess oil production and takes care of many impurities of the skin. They are gentler on the skin due to natural elements present in them and they also help in decreasing the appearances of large looking pores.

Use clay mask

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8 Avoid too much chemical skin treatment

Many people go to spas and get many expensive treatments in order to keep their skin healthy and getting rid of all the impurities. But these facials and other cosmetic treatments have only short term effects on your skin.


These treatments only clean the skin from the top and leave the problem as it is. Also such treatments are very expensive and cost a lot of money for such a less result.

Avoid too much chemical skin treatment

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9 Use exfoliation in limit

Use an exfoliating wash containing ingredients like oatmeal can benefit largely to people with severely oily skin. These exfoliating cleansers help to get rid of dead skin cells and opens up the clogged pores of the face.


A weekly in deep clean using inexpensive cleanser is necessary to clean out excess dirt from the face and it also has soothing effect on the skin. It may even gently scrub your face due to things like oatmeal present in them. Be cautious in using these exfoliating cleansers. Don’t use them more than once a week and people who have tendency to develop acne should forego this step completely as exfoliating the skin can further cause breakouts.

Use exfoliation in limit

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10 Try out topical skin creams

Retinoid creams, vitamin A creams and sulfur creams are a few of the over-the-counter options for people with excessively oily skin. These creams are the last resort when all of the skin cleansing rituals cannot achieve the healthy skin objective.


These skins creams are specially formulated for oily skin. If they even work to a certain level, you dermatologist can help you with stronger formula creams to help you achieve that clear, non-oily skin.

Try out topical skin creams

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