10 Ways women can increase their breast size and that too naturally

One of the most criticised things about humans is their body shapes and sizes. Even a joke or an ill-timed comment from a friend, family or colleague can become a barb for the person it’s directed at.


A healthy body in any form and figure is a work of art in itself. But we as a society, fancy big breasts, and sadly mock women who do not have adequately big breasts. Whereas women are supposed to wear low cut dresses and show of their chest, a rather significant number of people are attracted to the confidence women have and those who are comfortable with their body.

Breasts sizes are unique and smaller breasts are the result of the genetics, but they can be due to loss of nutrition, hormonal shortages and many other causes. Women who are willing to be brave enough to undergo the knife to get Breast Augmentation Surgery in Manhattan go through with it, but here are some natural ways to increase the breast size. Breast augmentation surgery is definitely the easiest and quickest way to get beautiful breasts so if you’re happy to have the surgery, go ahead. Just make sure you use a reputable surgeon who will look after you throughout the process.


1 Herbs

Many sources says that there are many herbs and supplements that help in growing bigger boobs and women after reading the same buy all the supplements they can and consume them in hopes of increasing a cup size. But taking such supplements can be dangerous for the health, if taking without information.

Here is a list of best herbs which actually help in breast growth: Red Clover, Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam, Fennel, Blessed Thistle, Don Quai, Dandelion, and Watercress. Now to take all of these herbs, one has to have the knowledge of making dishes and beverages using these herbs.


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2 Greenbush Tea

This product is an example of herbs being used in the right way. The Greenbush tea contains fennel and fenugreek and some other ingredients which soften the strong taste of these herbs. “Our Bustea Enhancement Tea is based on the original recipe by Dr. James Duke in his book ‘The Green Pharmacy’, which is still the best primer on herbal medicine,” states the Greenbush website.

Greenbush Tea

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3 Breast Actives

The breasts active is a supplement that contains mixture of various essential herbs like Vitamin E, enugreek seed, dong quai root, fennel seed, kelp, l-tyrosine, watercress, blessed thistle and dandelion. It also contains red clover extract, aloe vera concentrate, pueraria mirifica and sepiliftii which are ingredients of the breast active cream. Also you get the benefits of all the ingredients in just one capsule.

Breast Actives

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4 Natural Estrogen

Estrogen is the hormone that is responsible for breast development. But be cautious in taking extra estrogen as it can affect the estrogen receptors in the breast tissue to close up. Some women face deficiency of estrogen hormone release or they do not create the required amount of estrogen.


Hence you have to replace this with supplementary estrogen and one of the better supplements is Life Extension’s “Natural Estrogen with Pomegranate Extract.” Estrogen is something that you don’t have to take daily unlike the other herbs and fruits. But it actually helps in enlarging the breasts.

Natural Estrogen

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5 Change in Diet

The breast augmentation diet’s list contains apples, beets, barley, flax seeds, garlic, soya bean sprouts, dried prunes, pistachio nuts and red wine. Eating the food irregularly or eating fast food will not create beautiful bodies and neither have they helped in enlarging breasts.

Only thing they help in is increasing your weight and aid in sagging of your breasts due to weight gain.

Change in Diet

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6 Amino Acid

Amino acids are not only great for the breasts, but good for the health in all. Amino acid builds up proteins which in turn help take out the nutrients from every breast enlarging herbs that you consume and also aid the hormones you take in order to augment your breasts.

Try and include these important and effective amino acids like arginine, glutamine and lysine in your daily diet.

Amino Acid

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7 Breast massage

Now you would say why do you need to massage your breasts and how will it help them grow in size. Well massaging helps in blood circulation in the breasts and also increases the length of the breast tissue.

The simple process to do so is to use some oil and then start rubbing your hands together to create some heat and then massage the exterior nipple counter-clockwise. Repeat the same process with about 100 to 300 circles two times every day. One needs to be extremely patient in order to see results of this procedure.

Breast massage

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8 No intake of caffeine and sugar

Decrease your intake of coffee and sugar based drinks in order to help your breasts grow and stay healthy. Caffeine and sugar have been known to hamper healthy growth of breasts.

Even if you drink green tea, which are supposed to be an brilliant supplement for breast growth, ensure that you drink the decaffeinated version of the tea and also avoid sugar in the tea and beverages that you get.

No intake of caffeine and sugar

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9 Don’t wear wrong sized bra

Another major reason for ill shaped breasts are women wearing the bra of wrong size. Try to buy a bra which fits you perfectly and gives ample support to your growing breasts. This in turn will aid during the main growing years when breasts develops.

One way to do so is to try out Victoria’s Secret excellent customised bra service. You will get perfect fit and support.

Don’t wear wrong sized bra

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10 Reduce stress

Remember that if you are stressed, eating all the nutrients will not help you in your quest for big breasts. Stress causes imbalance of mind and causes negatives effects on your body. You should work in order to reduce the amount of stress. You must find the best way that works for you and stick to it.

Try exercising as it rejuvenates your mind and body both, and also helps you in reducing the stress. Another way is to meditate and try yoga for the peace of mind. And yes laugh a lot.

Reduce stress

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