10 Ways To Reverse Going Gray And Return The Color Of Your Hair

4Home remedies can prevent your hair from graying quickly

With the knowledge provided here, you can preserve the color of your hair without having to dye it. First it is essential that you get all your vitamins like B12, E, D, and A, and minerals like, zinc, iron, etc. By avoiding exposing your hair to the sun, harsh shampoos, and conditioners, and by treating it well, you can make sure that it grows in its normal color.


You can try some of these home remedies to help you reverse the graying of your hair more effectively.

Home remedies can prevent your hair from graying quickly

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5Apply coconut oil

Coconut oil has been used all over the world as a good hair oil that can increase the thickness, volume, and color of your hair. As such, it can definitely make your hair stronger, shinier, and a lot less gray. Just apply some coconut oil to the roots and the length of your hair. Do this the night before washing your hair and wash it on the next day for the best results.

Apply coconut oil

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6Olive Oil and ribbed gourd

Many people use olive oil on their hair for the same reasons they use coconut oil. But you can enhance the potential of olive oil by combining it with ribbed gourd because this vegetable has been widely used to arrest premature graying. Dice one ribbed gourd into small pieces and leave them to dry. Once they’re dried, soak them in olive oil for three to four days. Then boil the mixture till it turns a dark black color. Apply the mix on your scalp and massage it two times a week.

Olive Oil and ribbed gourd

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7Almond oil, amla juice, and lemon juice

You can prepare your own anti-graying solution by taking equal amounts of almond oil, amla juice, and lemon juice and mixing them thoroughly and applying the resulting solution on your scalp. This needs to be done consistently every day for at least 3 months.

Almond oil

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