10 Ways To Reverse Going Gray And Return The Color Of Your Hair

Gray hair is a natural part of the aging process which people still try to avoid as best as they can. Many people keep dyeing their hair black, brown or some other color just to conceal their already graying hair. But those are just temporary measures and once the color fades, their hair is back to the normal gray color. So, what can you do when your hair doesn’t seem to stop turning gray to make you look older? Fortunately, there are effective ways, to stop your hair from turning gray and reversing the process to make your hair return to its natural color once again. But first you need to know why hair turns gray and why does some people hair start graying faster than others?


1 Why do some people’s hair turn gray earlier?

Melanin is the chemical that determines the color of your skin as well as the color of your hair. Just like your skin starts aging, so does your hair and in time the pigment cells in your hair start dying out. This is when your hair starts turning gray. A study concluded that this process usually begins in Caucasian people in their mid-thirties. But in Asian people it starts in their late thirties while African people’s hair begins graying in their mid-forties.

But sometimes this process can even start earlier or later for you because it entirely depends on your genes. The IRF4 gene in particular is responsible for regulating the production of melanin, including its storage.

Hair turn gray earlier

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2The latest findings

In a recent study it was proved that stress is the prime reason for your hair going gray at an early age. Protein levels present in the volunteers’ hair were measured by scientists who found that psychological stress influenced the mitochondria that produces the energy in the cells. Other factors like being vegetarian or lacking in vitamin B12 or suffering from health conditions like vitiligo also contribute to your hair turning gray prematurely.

Hair turning gray prematurely

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3Graying can still be reversed

If people have less stress, then it is proven that their hair can stop graying and revert back to its original color. This was concluded after linking the graying process to psychological stress in the aforementioned study. A participant successfully managed to restore their hair color by simply going on a vacation. But for those people whose hair has been gray for years, this method of simply relieving stress may not work, as it too does have its limitations.

Stages Of Hair Graying

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