10 Walking Mistakes That We Need to Be Aware Of

Walking is one of the best low-impact exercises that keeps you healthy and active. It is effective in controlling your weight and is a good alternative to working out. But sometimes people do end up making certain walking mistakes which can gradually have a negative impact on your health. These mistakes could be simply taking too wide steps or not engaging the correct muscles, but they can still hurt your health. While the side-effects of these mistake may not be apparent immediately, you might experience them a few hours later. You could get aches and pains due to improper walking.


What are these walking mistakes that you may unintentionally be doing? Here are 10 such mistakes that will teach you to be mindful of your stride.

1Walking flat-footed or on the balls of your feet

With every step you take make sure to roll your foot from heel to toe before lifting it again. There are people who have the tendency to slap their feet onto the ground while walking while others tend to walk on the balls of their feet. These tendencies could have really uncomfortable and painful consequences.


When you walk flat-footed, you could later experience hip, ankle, and knee pain as these joints absorb most of the shock and weight. Walking on your toes can lead to serious complications like Achille’s heel and muscle strain or tear in your calves due to the constant stress.

Walking flat-footed or on the balls of your feet

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2Keeping your head down while walking

Looking down or hanging your head down while walking is one of the most common walking mistakes. This could strain your neck and upper back muscles and cause neck pain and headaches. It also could ruin your posture and make you slouch a lot. There could be a number of reasons why you look down while you walk. For instance, you have the habit of checking your mobile phone while walking.

Always walk with a good posture which will allows you to breath and which keeps your entire body in good alignment. This helps you avoid neck, back, and shoulder pain. Keep your chin up and parallel to the ground and make sure your eyes are focused ahead. Also, it would be best to keep your phone in your pocket while walking. However, if you have to reply to an urgent call then it is recommended to get yourself Bluetooth earbuds so that you can still be focused on the road while talking.

Keeping your head down while walking

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3Walking with too big steps

Stepping too far away from your body just adds pressure on your shins to support the excess weight of your body and to carry you forward. Walking with too big steps can make your shin absorb shock as well which causes painful shin splints and knee damage. If you notice that you tend to walk like this then try correcting your stride by taking smaller and more frequent steps.

Walking with too big steps

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