10 tips to lose weight and gain muscle more effectively!

Gaining muscle or losing weight in a healthy way is not something that could be done easily. There would be no quick miracles; this is why being happy for each little step you make is important! And like for any other activity, there is a balance! These 10 tips should help you to find yours.

1 Eat well!

The concept of losing weight and gaining muscles is based on eating fewer calories than you lose! But, deprivation is not the solution! If you do not eat enough calories, your body will get its energy by pumping your muscles, which is very bad for your body! What you need, is not skipping meals, but eating the right kind of food! And also drinking enough water!

Regardless, 1.5 grams of protein for each 1 kg of your weight per day is appropriate! And of course, avoid snacks between meals!

1 Eat well

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2 Eating before the workout is important!

Again, a body that has no energy can’t grow! Therefore, eating a meal about three hours before working out is strongly recommended! In addition, a small snack about 30 minutes before going to the gym would also help … and also another one after half an hour of your workout! One condition: these snacks should be filled with protein!

Besides, if you sleep well but experience fatigue or cramping, this can also be due to a lack of protein!

Eating before the workout

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3 Do Cardio Workouts , but try to do them well

The cardio is very effective! But be aware that there are good ways to do it. For example, make challenges for yourself: increase the difficulty if the sessions are too easy (using slightly heavier weights, for example). Sessions that are intense are therefore advised!

3 Cardio Workouts

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