10 Tips to cure Insomnia effectively

Insomnia is one of the leading causes of falling health issues all over the world. Stress, work pressure, exam tensions and internet are some of the leading causes that cause insomnia among many others. Insomnia is mainly of 3 types; Acute, Transient and chronic.


Symptoms of insomnia include difficulty in falling asleep, waking during the night and unable to sleep again, feeling not refreshed after waking up and day time sleepiness. For anyone suffering with Insomnia, it can be very difficult to find the best ways to fall and stay asleep. It can take its tole if it is not treated. But like anything you are unfamiliar with, you should spend some time doing a bit of research so you can get a better understanding.

But one can follow the following 10 ways in order to help get rid of Insomnia.


1 If you can’t sleep, get up and do something

Insomniacs spend a lot of time trying to fall asleep. Forget that, get up if you are not able to sleep for 10-15 minutes and do something else to take your mind off sleeping. You may walk around or just go out in the balcony and breathe some fresh air.

If you can't sleep, get up and do something

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2 Don’t use mobiles or laptops

Avoid using any electrical devices of distraction in your bed when you go to sleep. No mobiles, tablets or laptops. Researchers have confirmed that light emitted from the devices disrupt the circadian rhythms in your brain.

Don't use mobiles or laptops

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3 Make a schedule, sleep at same night every night

Try and stick to a specific time for going to bed. Like in the childhood, your parents made you sleep at 9-10 pm, that was for your body’s clock to get used to a fixed time to shut down. Even staying up late on weekends can be harmful to your internal clock.

Make a schedule, sleep at same night every night

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4 Bring some change in the bedroom

Change your bedroom geography once in a while to freshen up your sleeping ways. Changing the mattress, linens that you feel are uncomfortable can help you in sleeping.

Bring some change in the bedroom

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5 Just use your bed to sleep

Who doesn’t like breakfast in bed, or reading an interesting book lying in comfort of the bed. But these things can come between you and your sleep. Just use your bed for the purpose it is meant to be.

Just use your bed to sleep

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6 Try Melatonin

Melatonin is produced in your brain to help your ease off to a good night of sleep. But once that sleeping time passes due to you reading a book or watching a movie, the production of melatonin decreases and it makes it difficult for you to sleep. Try taking a melatonin supplement for insomnia.

Try Melatonin

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7 De-stress

As the elders said, don’t go angry to the bed. It will only make sleeping difficult as the brain would be engaged in the constant thought process. Though it might be difficult, try to leave any kind of stress behind at the doorstep of your bedroom. A relaxed sleep needs a calm mind.


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8 Try deep breathing

Deep breathes actually help you in lowering your heart rate, and calming yourself and resulting in peaceful sleep. Until you are relaxed and calm, sleep will continue to elude you, so relax.

Try deep breathing

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9 Try the count the sheep formula

Well, it might sound funny and silly, but try counting the sheep or counting from 1000 backwards actually work. Simple things like wiggling your toes, counting numbers or sheep actually relaxes your mind and gives it something that will make you sleep peacefully. Relaxing your mind is key as it is often busy thoughts about the day you’ve just had or the days you’ve got coming up that keep your mind active.

 Try the count the sheep formula

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10 Use scientific methods

If you are seriously facing severe insomnia, it may be the time to consult your physician. The doctor might be able to suggest taking part in a sleep study. Sleep study is nothing but doctors monitoring you in a controlled environment, while you sleep and are hooked up to a bunch of machines.

But if the problem is too deep, like too much stress hindering your sleep, you should really take help of a mental healthcare professional. The professional may be able to suggest methods to reduce stress and lead you to a peaceful night of sleep.

Use scientific methods

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