10 Things you need to know about your blood type

Not only are our bodies affected by the foods we eat and lifestyles we lead but a lot has to do with the blood type we have. Yes you heard it right folks. There are four blood types type 0, AB, A and B. Each one has its own set characteristics that can contribute to weight loss, certain diseases and even temperament. Knowing your blood type is paramount as following a diet that is based on your specific type will ensure that your body is in optimum health. Our blood types are really something we can’t control either as these are often defined when we are in our mother’s womb .Here are ten things you should know about your blood type.


1 Your Blood Type and Diet

Some foods contain legumes which have a carbohydrate binding protein called lectin. Lectin has been proven to cause inflammation in the body however certain blood types have strong reactions to the protein. Some examples of what can occur are fatigue, not having good digestion and considerable weight gain. All day long bodies are having constant chemical reactions and depending upon the blood type this can significantly affect weight gain and digestion. Try some of these suggested foods for your blood type. Type O does best with high protein foods such as meat and fish, and avoiding diary. For type A try having a diet with very little or no meat at all and eating lots of vegetables, type B is recommended they eat red meat and avoid chicken, and type AB does best by eating lots of seafood and lean meat.

Your Blood Type and Diet

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2 Blood Types and Diseases

Every blood type is different due to the formation of antigens on the surface of the red blood cells. With this difference also comes each type’s ability to fight off certain diseases and be susceptible to certain conditions and illnesses. Knowing your blood type can give you a head start on avoiding some health conditions later on down the road. This is a great way to be proactive and keep yourself from falling victim to a condition that possibly can be prevented.

Blood Types and Diseases

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3 Blood types and Ones Personality

Did you know that your personality has something to do with your blood type? Interesting fact you say. This is quite true while our personalities and make up have to do with genetics and how we are raised health experts say that your blood type can certainly dictate your personality. For example Type O personalities are more outgoing, creative, social and confident. Type A are calm, very artistic, and trustworthy individuals. Type B are very goal oriented, have strong personalities and very independent. Type AB are confident and timid, responsible and care a lot for others.

Blood types and Ones Personality

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4 Blood Type and Chances of Getting Pregnant

There has been some documented evidence that women with certain blood types have a better chance of becoming pregnant than others. It has been reported that women who have the AB blood type produce less of a hormone that helps women get pregnant called follicle stimulating hormone.

Blood Type and Chances of Getting Pregnant

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5 Your Blood Type and Stress Level

Did you know that depending upon your blood type that you could have less or more tolerance for stress? In fact this has been scientifically proven. For example Type A individuals produce more of a stress hormone known as cortisol. Type A individuals produce more of this hormone when responding to stressful situations. You ever meet someone who can rip someone’s head off at the drop of a hat? Well chances are they are Type O. Type O individuals produce way more adrenaline and take much longer time to recover from stressful situations. If you know someone that is this type the last thing you want to be get is them mad or you’re in for a long haul.

Your Blood Type and Stress Level

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6 Your Blood Antigens Are Everywhere

Your blood antigens are everywhere and not just in your blood stream. In fact they are in your digestive tract, from your mouth to your large intestine, and even your nasal passages and lungs. Since blood antigens are related to our blood types these can affect the way we react to food and can cause various factors according to what each blood type is susceptible to. Some examples include fatigue, headaches, digestive issues and various other health issues.

Your Blood Antigens Are Everywhere

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7 Gut and Your Blood Type

Some people need not worry about having a gut because their blood type will ensure this doesn’t become an issue for them. For example Type A individuals break down carbohydrates in their bodies so efficiently that they hardly have any gut whatsoever. However Type O people have a harder time break down carbohydrates and therefore have a higher chance of having a gut.

Gut and Your Blood Type

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8 Knowing Your Blood Type and Marriage

Before you get married it is vital to know your blood type as some types can’t be mixed when considering having a child. For example Blood types A and B shouldn’t mix when considering having children. Another factor to consider with marriage and blood types is RH factors. Those who have RH+ and RH- blood types shouldn’t mix and have children. For this reason most states require couples who are applying for a marriage license to have blood tests. Children who are conceived when these blood types are mixed can suffer many serious health problem throughout life.

Knowing Your Blood Type and Marriage

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9 Exercise According to your Blood Type

There are several resources on the internet that have diets and workouts based on your blood type. For example type As stress out very quickly it is recommended they do calming exercises such as yoga or some form of meditation. On the other hand blood type B needs both their mind and body challenged. They thrive best doing exercises that keep both areas balanced. Some examples include martial arts, tennis, and hiking.

Exercise According to your Blood Type

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10 Knowing Your Blood Type for Emergencies

You should always carry information that includes your name, phone number doctor information and blood type. The reason for this is in the event if you are ever in an accident or serious injury hospitals would need to know your blood type in the event you would need a blood transfusion. Some blood types can’t accept transfusions from other types as they aren’t compatible. Having this information on hand so the hospital can get you the help you need can sometimes save your life.

Knowing Your Blood Type for Emergencies

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