10 Things You Need to Do After Recovering from COVID-19

In mild cases of COVID-19 infections, people usually take around 2 weeks to recover from the symptoms. But it takes at least a month to recover, for those with a serious infection. At present, the recovery rate of COVID-19 patients is 90% higher than its casualty rate. Most people contracting the viral infection usually get back to normal health slowly.


Once you recover from COVID, it will take some time getting back to your old lifestyle so take the recovery process slow. While the virus is no longer present in your body post-recovery, you will still have to be very careful with the things you do.

You will need a post-COVID care routine

The coronavirus severely weakens your entire body regardless of whether you contracted a mild infection or a severe one. Besides damaging your respiratory system, it even affects other parts of your body which may take longer to get back to full functional capacity. Post-COVID care is absolutely essential and should never be neglected for the sake of your health and well-being in the future as well.

Post-COVID care routine

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Here is how you can come up with a good post-COVID care routine to help you regain your previous healthy lifestyle.


1 Plan out your post-COVID care routine

In the post-infection stage, you will have to watch out for health conditions being triggered due to the damage caused by the coronavirus. Since your body has become weak battling the virus for so many days, you will first feel very lethargic and lack energy. This time is crucial for focusing all your efforts on getting yourself back to 100% health. For this, you will require a good post-COVID care routine that will help you get back to normal.

Post Covid Complications

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2Do steam inhalations

Inhaling hot water steam can clear your airways and help you get rid of mucus. Steam inhalations are effective for treating COVID-pneumonia which severely damages the lungs and leads to mucous accumulations. Do these steam inhalations 2-3 times a day when recovering from COVID-19, as they help in removing the mucus and improve lung functioning.

Do steam inhalations

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3Get enough rest

Doctors typically suggest staying isolated for another week or so after you recover from the virus. Studies support this advice because they have found out that while symptoms tend to disappear, remnants of the virus may still be present in your body. Take enough rest as this is the only way to allow your body time to heal faster. You also need to get enough sleep to speed up the recovery process. Don’t get back to your old lifestyle as soon as the virus’ symptoms stop. You can have a relapse and fall sick once again due to too much work, anxiety, and stress.

Get enough rest

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