10 Things That You Should Never Put on Your Face

4 Physical exfoliants

Meghan O’Brien, MD, a dermatologist at Tribeca Park Dermatology in New York City explained that physical exfoliation can contribute to discomfort and dryness, especially in the colder months, for herself and her patients. Skin disorders such as acne and eczema may be worsened by harsh pads or wipes, says O’Brien.

Physical exfoliants

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5 Coarse face scrubs

Dermatologist Brooke Jackson, MD, founder and medical director of Durham, North Carolina-based Skin Wellness Dermatology Associates, says abrasive face scrubs are unnecessary. People with acne tend to use them, but you really don’t scrub off acne. Dr. Jackson suggests using a cream-textured cleanser and washing your face with your hands, then drying off with a washcloth to prevent skin irritation.

Coarse face scrubs

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6 Self-micro needling devices

According to Beverly Hills-based dermatologist and author of “Heal Your Skin” Dr. Ava Shamban, there’s so much risk of infection from self-microneedling devices because they make all those little holes in the skin. As a result of these tiny, unnatural holes the skin’s natural foundation is disrupted, she explains. Shamban recommends getting professional if you are intent on doing it. Expert-administered microneedling uses radiofrequency in a controlled, cleaner environment, for maximum safety.

Self-micro needling devices

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7 Alcohol-based skin products

Another important reason to read the label is: Acne, eczema, and rosacea are just some of the skin conditions that can be caused by alcohol being absorbed into the skin. According to Dr. Gervaise Gersstner, proprietor of a dermatologic practice in New York City, the best way to avoid drying up your skin is to use essence or toner that is water-based and to avoid using alcohol-based skin products. Clearly, anything with alcohol is the thing to never put on your face!

Alcohol-based skin products

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