10 Things That You Should Never Put on Your Face

5 Coarse face scrubs

Dermatologist Brooke Jackson, MD, founder and medical director of Durham, North Carolina-based Skin Wellness Dermatology Associates, says abrasive face scrubs are unnecessary. People with acne tend to use them, but you really don’t scrub off acne. Dr. Jackson suggests using a cream-textured cleanser and washing your face with your hands, then drying off with a washcloth to prevent skin irritation.

Coarse face scrubs

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6 Self-microneedling devices

According to Beverly Hills-based dermatologist and author of “Heal Your Skin” Dr. Ava Shamban, there’s so much risk of infection from self-microneedling devices because they make all those little holes in the skin. As a result of these tiny, unnatural holes the skin’s natural foundation is disrupted, she explains. Shamban recommends getting professional if you are intent on doing it. Expert-administered microneedling uses radio frequency in a controlled, cleaner environment, for maximum safety.

Self-micro needling devices

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7 Alcohol-based skin products

Another important reason to read the label is: Acne, eczema, and rosacea are just some of the skin conditions that can be caused by alcohol being absorbed into the skin. According to Dr. Gervaise Gersstner, proprietor of a dermatologic practice in New York City, the best way to avoid drying up your skin is to use an essence or a toner that is water-based, and to avoid using alcohol-based skin products. Clearly, anything with alcohol are things to never put on your face!

Alcohol-based skin products

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