10 Things That You Should Never Put on Your Face


Believe it or not but the cosmetics industry is highly unregulated. The skincare products that are manufactured and sold in the markets are usually not approved by the FDA- The Food and Drug Administration. If you’re wondering why that is the case? It’s because skincare products don’t require FDA approval. The biggest regulatory agency in charge of preserving the health of over 400 million people appear to have little interest in testing items made exclusively for the body’s largest and most permeable organ.

But while it’s none of their concern, you need to protect your skin, especially your facial skin. The good news is, dermatologists are there to help you by telling you about the things to never put on your face. Dermatologists recommend that you stay away from the following ten products when it comes to applying cosmetics to your face and body.

Do not use these 10 items on your face at all!


1 Fragrant scented skincare products

Artificial scents or fragrances are found in most skin-care products. The problem is that many of these scents cause breakouts and skin irritation in people who are sensitive to them. Environmental Working Group (EWG) relates fragrance mixes to allergies, respiratory issues, dermatitis, and reproductive issues.

Consider the fact that the phrase “fragrance” is often employed as a disguise for a brand’s unique composition. There are several items that contain this ingredient, including body wash, cologne, conditioner, and moisturizers.

Fragrant scented skincare products

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2 Home chemical peel kits

A quick and relatively inexpensive option to get flawless skin is to use chemical peeling kits at home, but this comes with a number of serious hazards. A dermatologist can help you avoid scarring, blistering, swelling, and an allergic reaction.


According to experts, sagging, bulging, and more severe wrinkles on the skin does not respond well to chemical peeling. In circumstances like these, WebMD recommends consulting a dermatologic surgeon to determine the best course of action.

chemical peel kits

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3 Mineral oil-based skincare products

According to Manhattan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery’s Dendy Engelman, MD- Mineral oil can clog pores. As a result, acneiform outbreaks (acne which look like dee skin lesions), blackheads, and milia (small skin cysts) can occur. These are all unpleasant outcomes that you want to avoid at all costs and remember that mineral oil-based products are things to never put on your face. Mineral oils include petroleum oil, liquid petroleum, paraffin oil, white oil, liquid paraffin, white mineral oil, petrolatum liquid, and paraffinum liquidum.

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4 Physical exfoliants

Meghan O’Brien, MD, a dermatologist at Tribeca Park Dermatology in New York City explained that physical exfoliation can contribute to discomfort and dryness, especially in the colder months, for herself and her patients. Skin disorders such as acne and eczema may be worsened by harsh pads or wipes, says O’Brien.

Physical exfoliants

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