10 Things people don’t realize about you, when you have high Functioning Anxiety

5 The thought of the future scares them

There are times when they believe that the present is really bad for them and in that case, the thought of the future scares them even more. They may think that the future has nothing for them and that single thought is enough to make them feel worried.

Girl worried about future

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6 They constantly think about the worst scenario

One of the biggest problems faced by people with anxiety is that they think about the worst possible scenario. Rather than enjoying the present moment, they are fearful of the future and believe that something very bad is about to happen. For example, when they get sick, they tend to self-diagnose their symptoms of being of a disease that is very dangerous.


thinking about worst scenario

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7 Meeting new people is something that they don’t enjoy as such

More often than not, they keep thinking whether someone will like them or not and in this case they simply don’t want to meet new people. If the other person comes to them, well and good; but if not, then they just go away from that spot.

college girl Feeling lonely

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