10 Things people don’t realize about you, when you have high Functioning Anxiety

2 Even after Waking Up, They don’t feel like coming out of the bed

Now, this is a particularly tricky situation, because although they are not going to sleep again, they still don’t want to get out of the bed. They feel too mentally and physically tired to want to do anything and just want to feel the comfort of the bed.

unable to wakeup

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3 The tendency of obsessing over trivial things

This is one of the biggest problems faced by someone who has anxiety. They may think about a word that was said either by them or by someone else days or weeks ago. They may think that the person who stared at them for more than a few seconds had some issue with them. It is just that the smallest of the things which may not bother someone else bothers anxious people to the core.


stressed man closed eyes

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4 Rethinking past conversations

Somewhere connected to the previous point; rewinding and rethinking about past conversations is something that they do in their mind or even on the chat windows of the social media profiles. They worry that they may have said something wrong and then they just keep thinking about it, which makes the situation worse.

Rethinking past conversations

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