10 Things people don’t realize about you, when you have high Functioning Anxiety

We all feel a little anxious whenever a tensed situation comes up in life. Whether we are going through a particularly busy schedule, or have an exam or interview lined up, some level of anxiety actually helps us focus more on the task at hand. But, the situation becomes problematic if that level of anxiety gets out of control and we start feeling nervous and tensed for everything in life. Some people make use of cbd products online to help them get control of their anxiety for a bit. There are places online that sell a lot of different kinds of CBD based products for those who are dealing with anxiety, for example, some people find it helpful to control their anxiety using vape pens for CBD. But every case is different.


A note of caution in the starting; we are not professional psychologists who are trying to tell you that you have a high functioning anxiety, which needs to be treated as soon as possible. Though, if you feel that you are not able to handle it, we highly suggest that you take professional help so you can be given advice on how to deal with it and even suggestions to take supplements like Phenibut to help you.


Here, we are trying to tell everybody (people with or without anxiety) what it feels to be anxious most of the times. People jump to conclusions that an anxious person has become lazy, indecisive and passive, but they fail to understand that it is anxiety which is making them do all sorts of things that they never did. We are here to tell you that you are not alone and that you are understood, and exactly for that purpose, we are listing out 10 things that most people don’t understand about people with anxiety. You may want to read this if you yourself have anxiety or have someone around you who suffers from this problem.


1 Falling Asleep Late, and waking up early

One of the first things that come up as a problem in people with anxiety is that their sleep cycle gets disturbed. They just twist and turn in bed till the wee hours of the morning because their thoughts are not in their control, and when they do fall asleep, they tend to wake up as soon as the alarm goes off. And after that, no matter what they do, they just don’t feel like sleeping again even if they are hell tired.


girl unable to sleep

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2 Even after Waking Up, They don’t feel like coming out of the bed

Now, this is a particularly tricky situation, because although they are not going to sleep again, they still don’t want to get out of the bed. They feel too mentally and physically tired to want to do anything and just want to feel the comfort of the bed.

unable to wakeup

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3 The tendency of obsessing over trivial things

This is one of the biggest problems faced by someone who has anxiety. They may think about a word that was said either by them or by someone else days or weeks ago. They may think that the person who stared at them for more than a few seconds had some issue with them. It is just that the smallest of the things which may not bother someone else bothers anxious people to the core.


stressed man closed eyes

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4 Rethinking past conversations

Somewhere connected to the previous point; rewinding and rethinking about past conversations is something that they do in their mind or even on the chat windows of the social media profiles. They worry that they may have said something wrong and then they just keep thinking about it, which makes the situation worse.

Rethinking past conversations

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5 The thought of the future scares them

There are times when they believe that the present is really bad for them and in that case, the thought of the future scares them even more. They may think that the future has nothing for them and that single thought is enough to make them feel worried.

Girl worried about future

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6 They constantly think about the worst scenario

One of the biggest problems faced by people with anxiety is that they think about the worst possible scenario. Rather than enjoying the present moment, they are fearful of the future and believe that something very bad is about to happen. For example, when they get sick, they tend to self-diagnose their symptoms of being of a disease that is very dangerous.

thinking about worst scenario

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7 Meeting new people is something that they don’t enjoy as such

More often than not, they keep thinking whether someone will like them or not and in this case they simply don’t want to meet new people. If the other person comes to them, well and good; but if not, then they just go away from that spot.

college girl Feeling lonely

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8 When someone gets concerned about them, they worry more

They feel that if their problem is visible to other people and they are talking about it to them, then they get worried that it is actually worse than what it looked like.

showing your concerns to someone

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9 Comparing success with others of your age

They may not want to compare their success with others, but anxiety makes them scroll down their Facebook timeline which has all the updated information about their friends. Most of the times, it is not the success of others that worries them, but the thought about their own success.

Girl Comparing herself to other

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10 Declining invitations despite wanting to go

They may have been waiting for that function for a long time, but if on the D-day anxiety strikes, they tend to cancel all the plans. They think that they might become a burden at that place, so they just stay at home rather than going to that much-awaited event.

Now that you have reached the end of this list, we are hoping that you will now understand anxious people in a much better manner. Having anxiety is not that big of a problem because a little of it is good to perform better, but if anxiety is creating problems in the day-to-day functioning of a person, then he should be given help, whether by talking to him or by taking him to a professional. After all, being worried is not our true nature, happiness is what we truly seek and that is what we should be striving for, not just for us but others as well.

Declining invitations

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