10 Things no one gets about having both anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression have emotional impact on everyone in a different way. But both have a very similar way of treatment.

Almost half of the people who have depression are also diagnosed with anxiety disorder, which is rising considerably. These two illnesses seem to go hand in hand and their combination leads to some real confusion for the individual.

Anxiety and depression are intensely private. The list below contains the experience of just one person, but it will be assuring to know that you are not the only one to experience the crippling illness.

1 It’s freaking out at the idea of getting anything less than a stellar score on a test, but not having the energy to study

It becomes pretty difficult to deal with studying when you have both depression and anxiety together. It also becomes hard to study when you know you have a big test coming up and you know how important it is for you to study.


But the depression makes it very difficult for you to get up and open the book and start studying for the test. The not studying keeps your anxiety on the rise while the anxiety also deepens the depression since you are not studying and know that you are not going to do well.

energy to study

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2 It’s having to stay in bed because you don’t have the will to move, but unravelling at the thought of what will happen if you miss school or work

Having depression make it hard to even get out of the bed and perform day to day tasks. Even going to the office and/or the school becomes very hard. Your anxiety keeps you aware of the implications of missing school or work.

But the depression makes it hard to get ready for either and you hate yourself for having to do this every day.

school or work

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