10 Sure-shot ways in which you can enhance your mental health and well

Come New Year and you have family and friends flooding you with phone calls and messages wishing you all the happiness and health in the coming year. But, does it really happen that you stay all hale and hearty, happy go lucky all throughout the year? More than all the materialistic pleasures, happiness comes from within; if you have a healthy body and of course a healthy mind. Stress is something we are all dealing with everyday and that robs us off our inner peace. It’s time you learn how to slash the word “S-T-R-E-S-S” from your dictionary and enjoy your life to the fullest. Here we spotlight 10 sure-shot ways to enhance your mental health and well being and live a stress free life this 2016. Bring on!

1 Eat healthy

Eating too much of nonsense not only adds up to your weight but also to your anxiety, depression and mood swings. So avoid junk on an unhealthy basis and give way to leafy greens and fresh fruits. Also eat iron rich foods and increase your vitamin B intake as iron boosts your energy levels and B vitamins can work wonders in kicking off depression.

Eat healthy

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2 Exercise regularly

Get up and move your body. Too much sitting and sleeping is just so unhealthy. Studies have proved that physical exercise is not only good for your body and physical health but also for mental health and well being. So get up early and hit the gym or go to a park and enjoy the sunrise with some power yoga.

Exercise regularly

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