10 Signs Your Body Is Crying Out For Vitamin A

Vitamins are extremely important for our body’s performance of its daily functions. For example, vitamin A is essential as it promotes good vision, healthy skin, and an effective reproductive system. While vitamin A is present in all kinds of foods, there still remains the possibility of having a deficiency of it. People who mainly suffer from vitamin A deficiency are pregnant mothers, children, and babies in their early stages of growth.


There are many physical signs that your body gives you to indicate that you are lacking in this essential nutrient.

1Dry eyes

The inability to produce tears and moisturize the eyeball is one of the most important signs of this deficiency. This can be really problematic if it continues to persist because it can lead to the weakening of the corneas which will make you gradually lose sight.

Dry eyes

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2Dry skin

One of the main elements which are required by the body for repairing skin tissue and keeping the body hydrated is vitamin A. If you don’t get your daily dosage of vitamin A you can suffer from vitamin A deficiency. When you notice that your skin is becoming so dry that it starts getting reddish in color as if you have been bruised or injured, it means that you have eczema. Eczema is a very common symptom of vitamin A deficiency. The reddish skin also becomes very itchy.

Dry skin

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3Night blindness

One of the most frequent signs of a deficiency is night blindness which is also known as nyctalopia. This is an eye problem that makes it difficult for you to see in the dark. The acuity of the eye system gets weakened in dimly lit environments thereby making it impossible to process dark images.

Night blindness

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4Wounds and injuries take long to heal

Collagen is the main component which is produced by our body to heal wounds in a short period of time. It is because of collagen that the skin and blood can remain healthy. Collagen is a protein usually found in healthy organisms and vitamin A helps in its production.


When you notice wounds and injuries are taking a fairly long time to heal, you should check what you’re eating to find out if you are consuming enough vitamin A or not. To ensure that you are getting adequate amounts of vitamin A always includes foods such as red meat, milk, carrots, and oranges in your diet.

Wounds and injuries take long to heal

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As we know that vitamin A just happens to be very important for repairing skin tissue, its absence can cause the face to become dry. This forces the skin on your face to produce extra oil which can lead to you getting pimples and acne. Now you know why vitamin A is used for treating acne problems.


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