10 Signs That Tell You That Your Face Is Aging Faster Than You Think

Aging is inevitable, but it is possible for signs of aging to show up early, even if you are in your twenties. While most of these physical changes are harmless, they still can make you feel uncomfortable. It even affects your self-confidence when you notice that you are looking older than you actually are. To counter this, you will have to make some changes in your lifestyle and habits as soon as you detect these signs of quick aging.


You can detect any early sign of skin aging from these 10 signs of quick aging to help you retain your youthful looks for longer.

1Drooping eyelids

If you notice that your eyelids seem to be drooping then that is the sign for you to stop rubbing your eyes more than you should. This condition is known as ptosis and can happen as a result of frequent use of rigid contact lenses. It can even be the side-effect of a recent eye surgery.

Drooping eyelids

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2Reduced skin volume

As people age their skin start losing its volume which makes the bony structure of your face more visible. When this happens in your early twenties it can be taken as a sign of early aging. It can also be caused by malnutrition.

Reduced skin volume

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3Little bumps appear on your face

When tiny white bumps start appearing around your nose and cheek you can take it as a sign of rapid aging. These little bumps are called ‘milia’. They usually develop when your skin starts losing its ability to exfoliate. The skin loses this ability due to overuse of skin products like steroid creams. In fact, these products contain chemicals that can make your skin age faster.

Little bumps appear on your face

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4Easily damaged skin

Bruises and cuts that mysteriously appear out of nowhere can be taken as signs of quick aging. This means that your skin is no longer strong enough to withstand even the slightest bit of roughness because of getting thinner than normal. As a result, it becomes more prone to bruising. Its wound healing rate also slows down. You can prevent this by moisturizing frequently.

Easily damaged skin

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5Thinner lips

If your lips start getting thinner despite you only being in your twenties it probably is because your skin is aging faster than it should. Thin lips at a young age are one of the signs of quick aging. This happens due to the decrease in collagen in your lips. Besides this, excessive exposure to the sun, lack of vitamin C, dehydration and a frequent use of straws can also cause your lips to get thin fast.

Thinner lips

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