10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sit Cross-Legged

Everyone has their different ways to sit and be comfortable, but sometimes comfort does not guarantee that your way of sitting will not harm you. Most people prefer to sit cross-legged, and this is one of the most popular ways to sit. However, sitting on the cross-leg can have countless negative effects on our bodies. According to new researches, sitting cross-legged is more harmful than other ways of sitting.


In contrast, experts recommend you to sit upright at all times to avoid certain risks and build up your confidence. As we want you to stay healthy and fit, we are sharing the following reasons why you should avoid sitting with your legs crossed:

1It leads you to neck and back pain

People who usually sit with their legs crossed may pose a greater risk of neck and back pain than others. If you also cross your legs repeatedly while sitting, you can soon feel its effect. When you sit in this position for too long, it can imbalance the pelvis and bend your hips slightly. And soon, your spine will have to bear extra pressure due to the sitting position. As a result, you are exposed to neck pain and back pain.

It leads you to neck and back pain

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2It can increase your blood pressure

While sitting in a fixed position can cause pain in your back or neck, your blood pressure may be affected by sitting with your legs crossed. Even though this does not mean that you will be in contact with any medical emergency, but this sitting position can cause a temporary rise in your blood pressure. Apart from that, it leads to poor posture. This is why you should not sit cross-legged and avoid sitting in one particular position for too long.

It can increase your blood pressure

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3Permanent nerve damage

Perhaps you already know that the sciatic nerve is the largest in your body and it extends from the lower back to the bottom of your feet. However, applying pressure on the sciatic nerve by sitting on the cross-legged may cause tingling and numbness. If you pay no attention to it, it can cause permanent nerve damage. As a result, you will face leg deterioration and long-term numbness. Furthermore, it may cause temporary paralysis in the feet, ankles, and legs.

Permanent nerve damage

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4It affects your blood circulation

Cross-legged sitting can be a way for you to reach happiness and comfort, but it may not be so when you know that it affects your blood circulation. Experts believe that this sitting position can severely affect our body’s blood circulation. During this sitting position, you place one leg on top of the other. So, it can pump large amounts of blood into your heart. As a result, it leads to negative blood circulation in your body.

It affects your blood circulation

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