10 Reasons to seriously avoid sleeping in your makeup

We have all had that one guilty night when we have crashed without removing our makeup. Or perhaps you enjoy waking up with a full face of makeup. It might have even been due to an overindulgent weekend or a stressful day at work that made us skip the night cleansing routine but as proven time and again, it is disastrous to sleep with your makeup on.


We have heard dermatologists and beauty experts emphasize the importance of cleaning your skin of makeup before the nightcap and what they say is definitely true! If you can’t bear to wake up without a full face of makeup or apply it as soon as you wake up, it might be worth looking into the permanent makeup services that Beauty Lounge Permanent Makeup & Med Spa have available. It means you could always have a full face of makeup without damaging your skin. At night, our body relaxes and this is the time that our body takes to repair damages and rejuvenate skin cells. If you haven’t been listening to the expert advice, you might want to start doing it now because this is what happens when you sleep with your makeup on:

1 Dry Skin

During night, our skin rejuvenates the cells and does major repair work that helps you look fresh every morning. When you sleep with your makeup on, this layer prevents your skin from breathing and it results in dehydration. The harmful pollutants also stick to your skin and cause harm. This phenomenon affects the ¬¬collagen content in your skin and leads to excessive dryness. This dryness may sometimes lead to rashes and itchy skin as well!

Dry Skin

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2 Wrinkles

Sleeping in make-up makes your skin dry and this in turn increases the wrinkly look on your face. This wrinkle effect is enhanced by the inability of the skin to rejuvenate and heal itself. Dewy effect becomes nonexistent and the wrinkles deepen due to continual use of makeup at night.


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3 Visible Pores

Base make-up may be the perfect way to hide our pores but what you do not realise is that when you sleep without removing your make-up, it clogs your pores! Sleeping replenishes your skin and if you do not remove your make-up, then the dirt gets stuck in your pores making them more prominent. These dirty pores can lead to infections as well, so make sure your remove your make-up before crashing on that bed!

Visible Pores

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4 Acne break out

An unwashed surface is a breeding ground of bacteria. Sleeping with make-up on leads to locking in of the irritants and bacteria accumulated on your face. The skin oils, the bacteria from your own hands and the environment around you add to the smut and may lead to bacterial infections and outbreaks. If you have acne problems, then you should steer clear of the bad habit of sleeping in your make-up.

Acne break out

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5 Pre-ageing

The inability to rejuvenate and repair skin damage that occurs due to harmful ultraviolet rays and air pollution results in ageing. When you do not wash your make-up before sleeping, this process is accelerated and may result in pre-ageing.


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6 Thinner eyelashes

The skin around our eyes is the most fragile and thinnest layer as compared to our entire body. Application of heavily laden mascara and fake lashes overbears your skin and may lead to depreciation in the quality of your eye lashes. A prolonged habit of not removing make-up before sleeping may also cause brittle and thinner eyelashes.

Thinner eyelashes

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7 Eye injury

No matter how natural make-up may be, it still contains a fair bit of chemicals that are very harmful for your fragile eyes. A stray mascara laden eyelash or a smudged eye shadow may find its way in your eye and cause redness or irritation. Sometimes, these cases may be the cause of some serious damage, including puffiness.

Eye injury

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8 Chapped lips

Wearing a lipstick constantly, increases issues of chapped and flaky lips. Be sure to remove your lipstick properly and keep your lips hydrated.

Chapped lips

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9 Tired skin

When your skin does not exfoliate itself and make new cells, you get a constant tired look. Gone would be the sunshine look and you will be left with chronic tired face. So keep that make-up remover handy before sleeping every night!

Tired skin

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10 Reduced rejuvenation

If you are a regular make-up sleeper, then your skin becomes less used to rejuvenating and the depreciation process is faster than repair, which may lead to some permanent damage.

Reduced rejuvenation

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