10 Possible symptoms of lung cancer you shouldn’t ignore


Lung cancer is a disease which keeps killing silently because most of its symptoms are overlooked or misdiagnosed when compared to more common diseases. You can get lung cancer even if you don’t smoke and it becomes very important for you to be familiar with some possible symptoms of lung cancer.

If the cancer is diagnosed early, treatment can stop it dead in its tracks and give the patient a chance of recovery and also to live a long life.


You need to be honest with your doctor if you experience any of the 10 signs mentioned below. Tests for these are easy and it is better to rule them out. So learn more about the possible symptoms of lung cancer and get a check-up if you have any doubts. Stay Observant, Stay Healthy!!

1 Bloody Cough

When you are down with a cold, you tend to cough up some phlegm. But if you see blood in it, even few drops or traces, you should immediately rush to your doctor for a checkup.


If you ignore this, the amount of blood in the cough will only increase and will cause you discomfort.

Bloody Cough

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2 Unexplained Weight Loss

Losing weight is a very good thing, but unexplained and excessive weight loss without changes in dietary habits or living styles is a cause for alarm. This means that body is unable to absorb and use the nutrients from the food you are eating properly. Hence the body is simply discarding whatever you are eating without taking out nutrients from it and resulting in a drastic weight loss.

Unexplained Weight Loss

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3 Pain Within Bones

Many types of cancer are known to spread to the bones. This is because bones are present near every major organ in our body. Specifically, if you experience pain in your hips or back, you should immediately consult a doctor. It might be a sign of arthritis, but there is no harm in getting it checked out.

Pain Within Bones

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4 Worsening Cough

If you are having a bout of cough that is refusing to go away, seeking the help of a medical professional would be a good thing to do. The symptom is considered to be a classic telltale sign of lung cancer and is seen in early stages of the disease.

Worsening Cough

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5 Chest Pain

If you are experiencing pain in the chest, it is a matter of great concern since the chest area houses the heart and the lungs. Try taking in a few deep breaths and if you feel a sharp pinch or needle like sensation, get a checkup done as soon as possible.

This might be because of the cancer in the lungs , which is pressing on the chest and causing the pain.

Chest Pain

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6 Chronic Respiratory Issues

Mostly if you are suffering from diseases like pneumonia or respiratory infection, it clears with medication in a few weeks and you are as fit as a fiddle.

But if it is lung cancer, the respiratory problem tends to stay for a long time and increases with each passing day. Seeing a doctor and having antibiotics can curb the issue to a certain level.

Chronic Respiratory Issues

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7 Wheezing

Wheezing is a condition in which something is hindering the movement of air inside the body. And it is a common complaint of patients diagnosed with lung cancer. Also this annoying condition will not go away until it gets diagnosised and treated by a doctor.


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8 Chronic Fatigue

Cancer attacks the healthy cells of the body and forces the immune system to fight against it all the time. This results in patients with cancer constantly feeling fatigued. Their body gets tired from fighting the cancer cells all the times.

Hence if you feel constantly fatigued, consult a doctor immediately.

Chronic Fatigue

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9 Hoarseness

Healthy lungs let you speak clearly without any hindrance or voice distortion. But lung cancer makes breathing difficult and thus making speaking a difficult task. The voice gets hoarse and it is a good sign to consult a doctor to get a diagnosis of the ailment.


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10 Seasonal allergies

Hay fever and seasonal allergies are an uncommon sign for lung cancer. Usually when allergy attacks the body due to breathing in pollen grains etc, the immune system of the body goes into an overdrive. It fills the sinuses with phlegm to block the entry of pollen grains. These indicators are same as lung cancer.


You need to see a doctor if hay fever or allergy doesn’t subside after medication, since only a medical professional can diagnose the symptoms and tell whether it is a seasonal allergy or something else.

These symptoms of lung cancer should make you rush to your doctor immediately, an early diagnosis can make you initialize the treatment sooner than later, and give you better chances to lead a healthy life.

Seasonal allergies

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