10 Lifestyle Tricks Used by Ancient Indians to Improve Daily Life

5Indulge in a relaxing massage

When treating generalized muscle tension, you can make use of this calming ritual’s particular approach. This technique involves placing a disc of raised dough over an area of the body and pouring warm oil in the center. The oils are used for nourishing the underlying tissues.

Indulge in a relaxing massage

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6Practice breathing exercises

It’s a fact that we don’t often give much thought to the way we breathe, but breathing is the one thing we never stop doing throughout our lives. Besides meditation and yoga, controlled breathing is ideal for healing and contentment. These breathing exercises can positively impact your energy levels, ability to relax, and ability to stay focused.

Practice breathing exercises

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7Make sure you’re getting enough physical activity

Working out stimulates the body to produce the “feel-good” chemicals known as endorphins. However, we tend to overwork our bodies when we should be more aware of the symptoms of overtraining and reduce our workout volume by half. You can even do mild physical activities like a brisk walk, yoga or enroll in dance classes to keep yourself active. There is no doubt that your body will be grateful for such activities.

Make sure you’re getting enough physical activity

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