10 Lesser known facts about organ transplantation

Organ transplantation has the power to save life where time is crucial in setting conditions prior to surgery for a successful transplant.

The subject of organ donation and transplant is an important perquisite for medical progress. Even at this current moment, there may be a person smiling after receiving a donor organ while elsewhere a person could be dying for the want of one.

A common problem worldwide is the lack of sufficient donors. Several reasons inhibit people from donating organs. Due to such scarcity, people tend to go to any lengths to acquire one. Organ transplantation is relatively uncharted territory for any lay man. Reading this list will inform you of 10 important things you never knew regarding organ transplantation.

1 3D Printing: The New Revolution in Organ Transplants

3D printing is the future of medical technology. It could well be implemented to recreate healthy human organs from patient’s cells. In event of such a possibility, immunosuppressants will no longer be required to combat the major problem of organ rejection.


In a boost to further 3D printing for medical progress, scientists from Harvard and Sydney universities created blood capillaries, which successfully formed blood vessels, the main objective of the experiment.

The New Revolution in Organ Transplants

Image Source: www.nature.com

2 During Transplantation Old Kidneys are Left Behind

In a typical organ transplant, the old organ is removed and replaced with a new one. However, this isn’t so with your kidneys. If you receive a transplanted kidney, your old kidneys are actually left in your body.

Due to the awkward location of your natural kidneys, surgeons find it difficult to facilitate their removal thus; new kidneys are fitted in a different location alongside your old ones. Old kidneys are removed only if they are infected. Imagine having three kidneys in your body

During Transplantation Old Kidneys are Left Behind

Image Source: www.alberta.ca

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