10 Health niggles and issues that must not be overlooked

Sometimes rather than supporting your life, your health can interrupt the normal day-to-day functioning of your daily schedule. Often due to our hectic and busy schedule we tend to ignore the signals and messages that our body is trying to portray about our health and fitness level. We dismiss those health complaints as minor issues and don’t pay much heed to it.


1 The minor health issues might be a sign of serious problem

Are we doing the right thing by ignoring the signals that our body is giving us? The small health niggles are often the symptoms of some serious issues that our body is suffering from. Don’t dismiss those niggles as unimportant thinking that they are nothing but small issues and troubling the doctor won’t be a good decision. If you find that these small niggles turn out to be a health issue then this could change a few things in your life. It is always important to bring up any health issues when doing something like looking into starting a pension. If you find that the company you’re starting a pension plan with don’t even ask about your medical issues then you may be mis sold pension. Always bring it up even if you don’t think it’s important.

The minor health issues might be a sign of serious problem

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2 Visiting the doctor is the wisest option

Have you been tagged as a hypochondriac? You don’t want the same label once again and this is the reason why you are keeping a silence to the trivial health issues that you are facing lately. Often such small niggling signs can give you the clue of a serious health issue. There are certain health problems and niggles that you should not take lightly and visit a doctor at the earliest.

 Visiting the doctor is the wisest option

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3 What are the 10 health niggles that must not be overlooked?

Let us get into the top 10 health niggles and issues that you should take seriously.

Sudden unexpected loss in weight


Shedding few pounds will be welcomed by majority of us and will be surprising as well. It is more shocking in case you are not under any physical routine or have not changed your food habits for the purpose of losing weight. Unexpected loss in weight is a matter of grave concern for an underlying health issue.

Sudden unexpected loss in weight

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You are requested to show your physician and get it clear whether you are suffering from any coeliac disease, overactive thyroid gland or undetected cancer in the later stages.

4 A persisting cough

Cough is a common problem often accompanied by cold and flu. But if a cough persists for a long period and is also accompanied by blood it is a matter of concern. You must take advices from your doctor and rule out issues related to lung disorders or lung cancer.

A persisting cough

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5 Difficulty in swallowing

Consistent difficulty in swallowing demands for immediate medical attention. It might be a case of obstruction in the esophagus or down the intestines. When you have difficulty in swallowing you will suffer from serious dehydration that can be fatal as well.

Difficulty in swallowing

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6 Dizziness

This is really tough to notice and that is why you have to pay attention whether you are feeling palpitation and shortness of breath. If so, you might be having heart related issues. Some other issues might be labyrinthitis, neck osteoarthritis or anemia.


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7 Menopause bleeding

Women should not ignore this and visit the gynecologist for checking serious implications and go for medications if needed.

Menopause bleeding

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Also take a look at some period problems which should not be taken lightly.

8 A bloated tummy

Don’t blame it to indigestion or gastric issue or gaining weight. There might be an underlying issue like ovarian cancer and you should visit the doctor.

A bloated tummy

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Also take a look at some conditions which when accompanied by a bloated stomach can lead to serious health issues.

9 Tiredness

If you are constantly feeling tired, it could be deficiency of iron. In fact, it also rings the alarm bell for lung and heart related diseases as well.


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10 Visual interference

If you are suffering from blurred or double vision or any kind of disturbances, you should make an appointment with the doctor today. Starting from any nerve issue to glaucoma to tumor cab, there can be the possibility of any underlying issue.

Visual interference

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11 Tingling sensation on fingertips

This might cause you irritation for small time frame but this issue needs to be evaluated. Thyroid, diabetes, Vitamin B12 deficiency or rheumatoid arthritis can be some of the possible causes.

Tingling sensation on fingertips

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12 Extreme headache

If you are suffering from a persisting bad headache, you must show a doctor and get it treated. It might be because of a stroke or blood cloth or any nerve issue as well.

Extreme headache

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Must read- These foods might also be giving you headaches.

The above mentioned are the top most common irritants that we often face but seem to ignore them concluding that they are unimportant. In fact, we don’t even consider visiting a doctor and getting them examined even after consistent triggering of these health irritants. Just ask yourself are you doing the right thing?

Prevention is always better than cure

Prevention is always better than cure

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Don’t you think prevention is better than cure? This is an age old proverb but fits right into your life especially when you want to lead a healthy and happy life for years. It is once again recommended to the readers that they should not ignore the minor niggles and especially if you are suffering from the above mentioned 10 health issues, book an appointment with the doctor today.


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