10 Habits You Need to Stop Doing After Age 60

4Sacrificing your sleep

If you aren’t able to sleep for the whole 7-8 hours duration, then you shouldn’t try to make up for it on the weekends. But this doesn’t mean that you require less sleep as you grow older. Trying to bank sleep for the weekend is bad for your health and is one of the habits to stop after 60. If you want to remain in good mental and physical condition aim to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night by making it a daily priority.

Sacrificing your sleep

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5Exercising the way you always did

People who love working out, or would do so in the past, or maybe just want to start because they have the time now might just go ahead and do so. While exercising regularly is a good habit you can’t expect to exercise the way younger adults or teenagers do. Also, if you are forcing yourself to work out the way you did in your prime then these are some habits to stop after 60.


Certain workouts like heavy lifting can cause many injuries that take a long time to heal. You should know what exercises will help you and focus on doing those instead. Calisthenics, weight training, light cardio, and stretching are some great workouts to keep you fit and active in your old age.

Exercising the way you always did

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6Drinking a late-afternoon cup of coffee

The average time period which is needed for the caffeine content in your body to drop is 5 hours. But it takes around 10-15 hours for it to stop impacting your brain and body. So, drinking coffee afternoon is one of the old habits to stop after 60. It is suggested to opt for drinking decaffeinated beverages when you feel like drinking a mid-day beverage or one later in the afternoon. Caffeine is also a diuretic which might make you frequent the toilet. This means that you need to amp up your water intake to stay sufficiently hydrated.

Drinking a late-afternoon cup of coffee

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7Blaming your age

The way you view your age ultimately impacts your health as well. If you keep blaming your age for all your problems, there is a risk of developing more health conditions like dementia. It could also reduce your lifespan. You need to embrace a more positive outlook of your age because your mental stability and health depends on it.

Blaming your age

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