10 Foods and drinks that result in stained teeth and what you can do about it!

We live in a society that is appearance obsessed and the way you look plays an important role in defining your personality. No matter what, people around you are definitely going to take note of how brightly your face glows, how nicely you dress up, the way you talk and the list goes on and on. In the midst of all this, people also get impressed by a lovely smile and nothing can mar a beautiful smile than a glimpse of a yellow tooth peeping from behind. With all the dental care advertisements featuring super bright white teeth, it’s obvious for most of us to feel conscious about our own teeth. And to pay to have them cleaned can be super expensive for someone to feel good about themselves, but if this is something you’re after, check out Dr. Eugenio Brenes’ dental clinic based in Costa Rica, to see how they can help you feel better about your teeth. Staining of teeth is quite common but very few know that even after regular brushing how it still persists. If after you’ve reduced your intake of these foods and drinks and have tried several different teeth whitening treatments, you may wish to consider alternative treatments if the stain is still there. Some people decide to have porcelain veneers to make everything about their smile glow, so don’t be afraid to ask your dentist for advice if this is something you’d like to happen. Here we compile a list of 10 common foods and drinks that cause stained teeth and what you can do about it. Read on!


1 Black coffee

Coffee is the one of the biggest teeth strainers.The outer layer of our teeth is very porous owing to which dark colored drinks get absorbed in its layers and cause staining. What you can do is add more milk to your coffee so that the color of the drink lightens. This is certainly going to minimize the risk of staining.

Black coffee

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2 Tea

The same reasons apply for tea being as big a teeth stainer, quite like coffee. Tea contains tannins that are known to play havoc in causing yellow color on the teeth. Just like coffee, you can increase the amount of milk in your tea to lighten the color. Opting for herbal green teas will benefit your teeth.


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3 Fruit juices

While fruit juices are highly beneficial for your health it is not the same case with your teeth. The dark color of fruit juices along with the acid present in them causes stained teeth. A sure shot remedy to maintain pearly whites is to eat an apple daily as it is light in color and crisp in texture so it acts like a natural teeth detergent.

Fruit juices

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4 Preserved mango drinks

Mango drinks contain sucrose along with added colors that get engrossed in the teeth layers thus staining them. Brush your teeth after the consumption of such drinks and keep stained teeth at bay.

Preserved mango drinks

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5 Popsicles and slushies

Come summer and you feel like having a refreshing popsicle to beat the heat. Not only do these stain your teeth but also your lips and tongue. The suggested remedy is to opt for a light colored ice-cream instead or go for immediate brushing.

Popsicles and slushies

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6 Chocolate biscuits and glucose biscuits

According to recent studies consumption of chocolate biscuits or even plain glucose biscuits can cause remarkable teeth staining in colors of yellow or brown. Rinse your mouth immediately after eating these sweet treats and be tension free.

Chocolate biscuits and glucose biscuits

Image Source: www.taste.com.au


7 Spiced gravy

Indulging in sumptuous food loaded with spiced gravy can play havoc with the color of your teeth. In fact, such kind of gravy based food with added colors like saffron can cause long lasting yellowishness of teeth. So, brush your teeth with a good toothpaste after you eat such food.

Spiced gravy

Image Source: www.taste.com.au


8 Vinegar

Vinegar is produced by the fermentation of ethanol made by the good bacteria. Moreover, it contains acetic acid and so it can spoil the coating of your enamel to a great extent. You can eat a sugar free gum or a stevia based gum after the consumption of vinegar based food or drink.


Image Source: www.institutefornaturalhealing.com

9 Beets

Everyone knows beets stain teeth. Even if you consume beet juice then be prepared for a dark pink color effect in your mouth. Swishing with water and rubbing off the stains with your fingers can do good.


Image Source: www.searchhomeremedy.com

10 Tomato sauce

All tomato based sauces can color your teeth. So, the next time you plan to eat a hearty bowl of pasta oozing with tomato sauce then opt for eating an appetizer in the form of spinach or broccoli before it. These green veggies form a protective film over your teeth that avoid colored foods from seeping into the enamel.

So, the next time you eat these foods you know all the protective measures to take. So, eat healthy and keep smiling and flaunting those set of pearly whites!

Tomato sauce

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