10 Facts you must know before you even think of getting breast implants

This subject had transcended the boundaries of gender, and is no longer gender specific anymore. You don’t have to be a man or a woman to appreciate a good pair of breasts. This is why breast surgery procedures are much more common nowadays. Although you should never underappreciate your body, many desire a different shape and size to their breasts. Those who desire this change in breasts will usually access breast enlargement surgery from a trusted plastic surgeon. However, it’s recommended you read the points below about breast surgery so that you can get an idea of what it’s all about:


1 They’re pretty much a humdrum issue today

Whether you’re looking for breast implants Philadelphia or liposuction in New York, plastic surgery is very popular at the minute. Breast augmentation surgery has become a very normal surgery for women and the number of clinics that offer this service has increased by the dozen. It is the number one cosmetic surgery, even before the nose job. The country with the record for the most number of breast implants that took place is America, followed by Brazil and Mexico. In a study conducted 5 years ago, around 8,525 teenagers had undergone the procedure (ages varying from 13-19), which proves the fame of this surgery.

Breast augmentation

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2 Is it only silicone that is used today?

Although silicone implants are the most used breast implants today, there are numerous other variants too. The saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water. Should the implant shell leak, a saline implant will collapse and the saline will be absorbed and naturally expelled by the body. Saline breast implants provide a uniform shape, firmness and feel, and are FDA-approved for augmentation in women aged 18 or older. Other types include gummy bear, smooth, round and textured breast implants.

silicone that is used today?

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3 Is breast augmentation the only solution to a masectomy?

The answer is no. We may actually be able to regrow our breasts. Huffingtonpost spoke of a new breast augmentation technology: stem cells. So, a person who has had a masectomy can simply have fat from another part of her body grafted into her chest and a brand new breast will grow.

Is breast augmentation the only solution to a masectomy

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4 The final shape and size of a pair of fake breasts is upto the surgeon

Despite the specifications you give to a plastic surgeon, the final shape and size of the augmented pair of breasts may not be like how you expected them to be. Some good doctors from somewhere like Breast Augmentation in Plano, Texas, will keep in mind the specifications stated by the patient and cater to them as much as they can, though. This is because the doctor cannot judge the size of the implant he has to place inside the woman’s chest before he cuts her open.

The final shape and size of a pair of fake breasts is upto the surgeon

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5 Breast implants have side effects

Although breast augmentation surgery boosts a woman’s self-confidence and allows her to feel healthy and good about herself, she is more likely to commit suicide due to various factors, following the surgery. Some complications involve rupturing/deformation of the implant, breast pain, changes in nipple and breast sensation etc. Nearly 75% of breast cancer reconstructions experience complication.

Breast implants have side effects

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6 The first breast implants gurgery happened in 1962

The first woman to receive this surgery was rather reluctant about the idea, but was finally coaxed into it as her surgeon agreed to perform plastic surgery on her ears for free. Before her, it was tested on a female dog, who kept the implants in for 2 weeks before chewing off the stitches.

first breast implants gurgery

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7 The largest breast implants surgery

The largest breast implants surgery was performed on a German model named Beshine. According to a report, her breasts weighed around 20 pounds each and have around 10,000cc saline implants per breast. She measures a largely disproportional 59-28-36 and wears a size 32Z bra.

The largest breast implants surgery

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8 A lot of weird stuff has been shoved into breasts

Paraffin wax, untreated silicon, ox cartilage, ivory, peanut oil, rubber filings etc. are some among the craziest items that have been used as breast implants down the years. The patients reacted devastatingly to these products and either became blind or had to undergo amputation.

weird stuff has been shoved into breasts

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9 Oh, and yes drugs too

There have been numerous recorded instances where women have tried to smuggle drugs like cocaine on flights into Europe, by housing the drug as implants inside their breasts. Sometimes, things as horrifying as latex gloves are surgically inserted inside women’s bodies to store drugs.

women have tried to smuggle drugs like cocaine on flights

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10 The breast implant airplane video was a hoax

It’s one of those viral videos that was circulating all over social media a while ago. This video depicted a woman who had just gotten breast augmentation surgery board a flight, and following take off, her breast implants react to the air pressure and explode on board. Do not be alarmed as this video has been asserted to be false by numerous doctors, so it’s nothing but an urban myth.

The breast implant airplane video was a hoax

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