10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Sciatic Nerve Pain Without Expensive Treatments

Sciatic nerve pain can be extremely unpleasant, especially for those who undergo it regularly. Sciatic nerve morbidity gets largely affected by a few factors. And walking is one of the key factors that affect sciatic nerve morbidity. Nerve pain that involves sciatica can suggestively inhibit your capacity to enjoy life. However, the good thing here is that sciatica can be easily treated without using any expansive treatment. This fact is true in more than 75% of cases. Exercise can become one of the easiest ways to relieve sciatic nerve pain.


Here are some of the best ways to get rid of sciatic nerve pain without any expensive treatment:

1Better Nutrition

Nutrition is always one of the key factors affecting your overall health and wellbeing. And in the case of sciatic pain, the same nutrition can work more astonishingly. If your diet has nuts, vegetables, fruits, and other natural foods, it will be more effective for decreasing inflammation. Despite these things, you can include black tea, green tea, and curcumin in your diet that works to boost your immunity and overall health. Eating such a diet will help in improving the level of anti-inflammatory substances in the body. As a result, it helps to reduce the occurrence of sciatica pain in the long term.

Better Nutrition

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2Use heating and ice pads

As per some medics, heat and ice therapy can become very effective to help you get rid of the painful sciatic nerve pain. The heat can boost blood flow to the aching area, while ice will decrease the inflammation. Ice and heat can also assist to relieve sensitive muscle spasms that regularly accompany sciatica. You can apply a heating pad to the aching area for 15-16 minutes, and then apply ice for 15 minutes. For extra precautions, you can use a barrier like a towel to guard your skin.

Use heating and ice pads

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3Avoid inflammation-causing foods

Even if you decide to eat anti-inflammatory foods, it is way more important for you to avoid eating the foods that cause inflammation. The good effects of eating anti-inflammatory foods can get ruined by the inflammation-causing foods you eat unknowingly. For example, you should avoid foods such as hydrogenated oils, Trans fats, refined carbohydrates, and sugars. These are some of the considerable foods to avoid as they cause inflammation. Above all, you must quit smoking as it can induce inflammation and reduce the production of anti-inflammatory molecules.

Avoid inflammation-causing foods

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4Mindful meditation

It may sound strange to get rid of any pain such as sciatic nerve pain by meditation, but it is damn true. Although meditation can’t help you to get rid of any underlying condition, it can be a much better way to regulate pain. If you know some basic tricks to do the meditation, it will work for you. According to some reports, this sort of meditation can decrease pain levels by almost 58%. But if you excel in meditation, then you can decrease the same pain levels by nearly 91%.

Mindful meditation

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