10 Early Warning Signs of Anal Cancer That Many Are Too Embarrassed To Talk About


There are many health problems which people agonizingly suffer daily but are too embarrassed to talk about much less consult a doctor. Social taboos, judgmental attitudes over hygiene and simple fear stop many from getting an early diagnosis and have a happy painless life.

1Anal cancer is rare

Anal cancer is one such rare form of cancer which violates your self-esteem. It also adds the fear of ultimate painful fatality as well. But still people shy out and foolishly overlook the symptoms of this deadly disease, till it’s too late. How do you recognize the early symptoms of this malady so that you can mentally prepare yourself for getting medical intervention as early as possible? Here are some tell-tale signs of anal cancer which would put us on guard and act fast.

Anal cancer is rare

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2What causes anal cancer?

Before we begin we must clearly understand the causes of anal cancer which is caused by genetic mutations turn healthy normal cells into abnormal ones. These abnormal mutated cells do not finish their normal life cycle and never die and are usually out of control. Since they do not perish naturally they create a mass tumor.

The symptoms could be embarrassing no doubt but if treated they can be life saving. Everyone has cancer cells in their bodies but they are usually dormant, until triggered by poor lifestyles, unhealthy diets and weakened immunity. Once active, they spread to nearby tissues and throughout the body, which can be a truly scary scenario; there are some certain risk factors such as anal copulaton, which has been medically linked with anal cancer but also HIV. HPV (another form of sexually transferred infection) is another risk which triggers the chances of re-triggering anal cancer.

What causes anal cancer

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3Pain in the anus

In general cases the pain the anus is related to fissures and hemorrhoids, but in some cases this is a red flag for anal cancer as well. It begins with mild pain but is constant. Gradually the pain gets unbearable when the cancer starts spreading.

Pain in the anus

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Itchy Anus

Most of the time it’s what it is, an itch in your backside, which needs to be, well, scratched! However, when this seemingly harmless itch is coupled with other symptoms, it’s time to sprint to the hospital.

Itchy Anus

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