10 Do’s and don’ts while using eye drops!

Whether it comes to treating dryness, infections or allergies, eye drops are quite a common drug found in cabinets. But how will you know how to use them the right way? Since the over-the-counter drops could make you prone to risk, we have some common things you should do and refrain from while using eye drops. Keep reading to find out!

1 Don’t use it all at once

The first thing you should always remember is not using everything at once. Your eye has the capacity to handle just one drop of the medicine. The ones that keep rolling down are just being wasted. Plus do not make the mistake of applying four to six drops all at once. That could be a huge mistake. Always take your time.

Don’t use it all at once

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2 Don’t mix and match

If you have been using different eye drops at the same time, we would suggest you to space them out a little. Drops could interact which will make your eyes watery. Often it could give you a burning sensation which will also reduce the level of effectiveness. You can speak to your doctor about the best ways in which you can juggle them.

Don’t mix and match

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3 Keep a track of the doses

A third thing you should do is keep a track of your doses. You could move the eye drop bottle from one spot to another once you have used it. If you want, use a log and draw up some chart and check when a single drop has been put. Just make sure you are not constantly putting it in.

Keep a track of the doses

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