10 Daily Habits That Can Stain Your Teeth to an Extent

A smile is probably a great treasure that has more importance in your life. People with very bright and confident smiles always do their work with more positivity and optimism. Sometimes, your smile can help you get through tough times with a more encouraging mindset and outlook. But what will you do when the stains on your teeth take away the beauty of your smile? Most of us agree that a smile is the first thing we notice when meeting someone. Since we regularly consume things like dark juice and coffee, we do not know when our teeth get stained.


Your stained teeth will not only reduce the power of your grin but they will also make you feel lower while greeting people. Also, your oral health will be destroyed to an extent. We want to make you aware of some of our daily habits that inadvertently stain your teeth and you should stop them:

1You consume soft drinks and sugary soda more

It is a known fact that soft drinks and sugar soda can easily break the enamel on our teeth. However, having iced tea can help prevent the breakdown of enamel on your teeth. Iced teas will be rich in malic acid, an organic compound known for its effective bleaching properties. The strong bleaching properties of malic acid not only fight the breakdown of enamel but also increase the production of saliva. It can further be more useful in fighting tooth decay and problems like discoloration.


If you have any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to get fillings and a smile makeover in Ballwin.

You consume soft drinks and sugary soda more

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2When you bake, you use berries

Even if the fresh berries are beneficial for your health, experts believe that they can cause you dental stains as well. The brightness of your teeth can be affected to an extent if you eat dark berries regularly. Also, eating the berries in jellies jams, and cakes can make your teeth look dull. On the other hand, strawberries can become an effective way to whiten your teeth due to their impressive tooth-whitening effect. By eating strawberries, you can improve the brightness of your smile without injuring the enamel.

When you bake, you use berries

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3Use of mouthwash

Most of us probably have a habit of using mouthwash to take some fresh breath. However, it is necessary to check the labels and brands of your mouthwash as it can also work antagonistically. The ingredients used in your mouthwash matter a lot to determine their effectiveness in keeping your mouth fresh. If you have very poor ingredients in your mouthwash, those ingredients will react with the staining compounds in foods, which can cause pearly-white spots on your teeth. Experts recommend using mouthwash that does not contain eucalyptus and chlorhexidine elements.

Use of mouthwash

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4You are very fond of swimming

Most dedicated swimmers spend 6 hours a week in a swimming pool. However, swimming too much can cause you to have a brown buildup on your teeth. It can be difficult to avoid getting water into your mouth when you swim. And the chemicals in pool water can put more stains on your teeth. Even if pool water contains chlorine to eliminate bacteria, the same chlorine makes your teeth yellow or brown. Above all, experts believe that the same chemical can weaken your enamel.

You are very fond of swimming

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