10 Collagen-Rich Foods That Can Slow Down Aging

9Green vegetables

Green vegetables contain a lot of chlorophyll that increase the levels of procollagen in the skin and can even help in preventing a premature collagen breakdown. Once you ingest the chlorophyll from the green vegetables, it protects the skin from the harmful UV-radiation and free radicals that cause skin aging.


The amount of vegetables you eat depends on how active you are. If you move around a lot and are constantly engaged in physical activity, the more you can eat. You can easily eat more than 3 bowls of vegetables a day if you are active for more than 30 minutes. Besides being collagen-rich foods, eating green vegetables can also help in preventing different diseases.

Green vegetables

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Tomatoes are excellent collagen-rich foods as they contain lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant chemical which can protect the skin against the damaging UV rays of the sun. Lycopene also stimulates collagen synthesis which prevents aging. You can get the full amount of lycopene from tomatoes by baking them. Extracting and drinking its juice is also a good option. You can drink a glass full of tomato juice every day.


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Aside from your diet, your lifestyle is important too

While these 10 collagen-rich foods can help you maintain a healthy collagen levels within your body, you still need to keep in mind that collagen production is also influenced by:

  • Dirty surroundings
  • UV- sunlight
  • smoking
  • Sugar-rich diets (refined sugar)
Aside from your diet, your lifestyle is important too

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