10 Bizarre disorders of the Brain that can be extremely disturbing

The brain is one the most complicated of the human physiology. It is also a mysterious subject of research for scientists who are yet to unlock the mysteries of the brain. As the CPU of our bodies, every minute activity is processed through the brain. Keeping that in mind the brain can also dysfunction and when that happens, disorders can have pretty intense results.


Depression, amnesia, dementia and Alzheimer’s are all brain disorders that can really traumatize a person. But while these are the common disorders of the brain, there are some disorders are unbelievable but such conditions actually exist. Here are 10 bizarre disorders of the brain.

1 Flipped Reality (Visual Reorientation Illusion)

Have you watched inception? That is more or less how victims of value reorientation illusion see the world. Those with VRI experience optical illusions on an intense scale where their entire world is flipped by almost 180 degrees. Such hallucinations or visual disorientation that makes the physical world appear rotated and out of sync where north can become south and vice versa. It would seem like being in an abstract or surreal painting.

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2 Insane Jealousy (Othello Syndrome)

The Othello syndrome named after the famous Shakespeare play by the same name is a condition where victims suffer insane jealousy. Patients can suffer hallucinations about their partners having affairs with others. This can also lead to violence against the spouse or partner. Othello syndrome originates in the right frontal lobe of the brain and is associated with lewy dementia and Parkinson’s. Related conditions are obsession, hyper sensitivity and paranoia. In some cases, OS can also be triggered by dopamine treatments for Parkinsons.

Insane Jealousy Othello Syndrome

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3 Zombie syndrome (Cotard’s Syndrome)

Those suffering from Cotard’s Syndrome believe that they are dead hence the name Zombie syndrome or even walking corpse syndrome. Such people are under the delusion that don’t exist and are already dead. For those with an intense level of the condition think that their bodies are rotting much like Zombies. The condition was discovered by neurologist Jules Cotard where the first patient suffering the condition felt that her organs were missing and she did not need to eat. She died of starvation.

Zombie syndrome Cotard’s Syndrome

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4 Snapshot Vision (Akinetopsia)

Those suffering from Akinetopsia view things as a series of images much like a strobe lighting effect. It can make life extremely uncomfortable when you’re seeing the world as a series of blurry images. Such patients can only follow the blurs till it remains still when they can see the original image. The disease was found prevalent in those with epilepsy or who had suffered strokes and seizures. While mild cases can be treated with medication, in severe cases brain surgery may be needed.

Snapshot Vision Akinetopsia

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5 The Desire to Have Your Limbs Removed (Body Identity Integrity Disorder)

This is a weird disorder where its patient denies body parts and urges people or medical staff to remove them. Such victims felt as their body parts were not part of them. The disorder is a result of a cognitive dissonance in the brain.

Body Identity Integrity Disorder

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6 Powerful Afterimages (Palinopsia)

Those suffering from Aplinopsia should never watch scary movies as such images may linger on in their brain for prolonged periods of time. Such patients can’t unsee what they have already seen. The disease is a result of lesions and tumors in the brain that causes disruption in the visual pathways causing the brain to respond to visual stimuli long after they have left or diminished.

Powerful Afterimages Palinopsia

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7 Inability to Read Hand Gestures (Dysmimia)

Show the middle finger all you want to people suffering from Dysmimia. Ultimately the jokes on you because they won’t understand what you mean. Such people with bizarre disorders of the brain like anhedonia do not possess the ability t understand hand signs or gestures. Neither are they able to express themselves through the same.

Inability to Read Hand Gestures Dysmimia

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8 Ecstatic Epileptic Seizures

Epileptic seizures are terrifying for many but ecstatic epilepsy is something entirely different. It afflicts 1 or 2 % of temporal lobe epilepsy victims and causes a heightened feeling of ecstasy in patients who felt as if they were transported to another world. Much like a hallucination, ecstatic epilepsy was diagnosed by scientists as akin to a near death experience because those who had experienced it felt elated and an intense sense of well being where they were no longer afraid of death.

Ecstatic Epileptic Seizures

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9 Inability to Copy Text (Dysantigraphia)

This one weird and bizarre brain disorder that makes its patients unable to copy any text. Such patients can’t reproduce written text or material that isn’t their own. The words and letters that they recognize in their own handwriting appear Greek to them when written in someone else’s handwriting. Such a disorder can occur after a stroke or be the result of brain injury.

Inability to Copy Text Dysantigraphia

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10 Failing to Find Pleasure in Anything (Anhedonia)

Among bizarre disorders of the brain, Anhedonia will no doubt keep a person always bored throughout their lives because of their inability to derive pleasure form anything, thus entertainment would be of no use to them. MDD is in most cases the result of a stroke that affects what is known as the globus pallidus of the brain where pleasure chemicals are stored and released after actions such as receiving a gift or watching a movie.

Failing to Find Pleasure in Anything Anhedonia)

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