10 Beauty Tips and Secrets to Solve All Your Skin Problems for Good

Physicists advise you to stop doing these 5 things to your skin immediately

1Don’t be overcautious about greasy and problematic skin

Your skin only becomes worse when you put it through more stress. How do you do this? This happens when you follow all sorts of skin care routines and use each and every skin care product to cure your oily and problematic skin condition. These beauty tips and secrets advise you to simply pick some aids for your skin type and follow the basic rules to achieve better results. But, in case you have other serious issues like acne, then it would be best to consult a good dermatologist and cosmetologist.

Don’t be overcautious about greasy and problematic skin

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2Stop using soap to wash your face

The properties of soap can make your skin dry and deteriorate its protective layer when used on a regular basis. This eventually leads to acne. Stop washing your face with soap and also avoid using aggressive cleaners that contain SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate). According to the beauty tips and secrets revealed by physicists, choosing gentle cleansing lotions or foam creams are much safer for your skin.

Stop using soap to wash your face

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3Don’t go getting a suntan

While the sun is a good source of vitamin D, too much of the sun’s rays can damage your skin. The damage then accumulates from being out in the sun for too long and appears on your skin as liver spots. This is the main reason why it is necessary to protect your skin, especially your face from the sun all year round.

Don’t go getting a suntan

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4Avoid using scrubs

Not only do scrubs damage your skin but they also tend to make it dry and rough. Even though the effects of scrubs don’t last too long, they make you become dependent on them. You then tend to use scrubs more often. Those that contain acids are the most efficient skin peeling and complexion leveling aids.

Avoid using scrubs

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5You shouldn’t use your fridge as a vanity bag

While traditional cosmetics do have their perks, you cannot deny that they do have their limitations as well. For instance, applying sour cream on your face won’t have the same effect as applying a cream with lactic acid. Vitamin C is indeed good for the skin, but you don’t get the potential effect when you try to mix a pill into your cream.

You shouldn’t use your fridge as a vanity bag

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