10 Beauty Tips and Secrets to Solve All Your Skin Problems for Good

Not every cosmetic product you find on the shelves will help you solve all your skin problems. Besides, most of them will only mislead you into believing that you need a variety of products designed to fix different skin issues. This is nothing but a marketing ploy to get you to spend more money on the brand’s various products. However, physicists have come forth and shared some intriguing information about certain beauty tips and secrets that can really help you.


Physicists advise you to follow these 5 steps to improve your skin quality and health

1Cleanse your skin

Use an aid that foams due to its properties and not only when it interacts with water (foams without SLS) to cleanse your skin. You can also choose any non-foamy cleanser like balm, milk, or cleansing cream. But, if you are wearing makeup, always remove it first with some special remover like hydrophilic oil, or micellar water, and then wash your face.

Cleanse your skin

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2Use a toner

To level the skin texture and complexion, and cleanse the pores, it is better to use acidic toners. The beauty tips and secrets recommended by physicists say that these toners can even help in making this skin care routine easier. Just make sure that salicylic acid is present in its list of contents. Salicylic acid as well as AHA acids are perfect for fixing oily skin. However, don’t get the ones which are sold at the drugstore as they can be too concentrated.

Use a toner

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3Moisturize your skin

Be sure to choose your cream in accordance with your skin type. However, you need to remember that there exists no magic solution which can help you get a flawlessly beautiful tone. Your skin will only receive a protective cover with additional moisture and nourishment from creams. For extra care, you can purchase serums and apply them before the cream.

Moisturize your skin

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4Use sunscreen

The image shows twin sisters, one of whom lives in the north of the USA and doesn’t smoke, while the other lives in California and has been smoking for 16 years. One uses sunscreen while the other doesn’t and you can clearly see who has better skin. The SPF in sunscreen is excellent for protecting the skin which only proves the benefit of using sunscreen.

Use sunscreen

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