10 Amazing health benefits of potatoes

For years, potatoes have been considered to be a food rich in carbohydrates. But, recently scientific studies have revealed that potatoes are actually pretty healthy food. They are a rich source of minerals, including phosphorus, calcium and zinc, as well as B6, B, and C vitamins. The glycoprotein patatin is also found in spuds. These lipolytic enzymes can aid in everyday health by decreasing high blood pressure and effectively working as an antioxidant. Take a look at 10 health benefits pf potatoes.


1 They are packed with antioxidants

People who are on low-carb diets have the wrong opinion about potatoes. Of course, they are not healthy for you when fried into a deep fryer, but potatoes are packed with powerful nutrients and antioxidants—compounds that fight free radicals. The ORAC value (a measure of the total antioxidants in 100 grams) for a medium baked potato with skin is a healthy 1,680, while that of a baked sweet potato with skin is 766. Compare those with the values for carrots, either cooked (317) or raw (666).

They are packed with antioxidants

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2 Very suitable for Diabetes

Those with diabetes are always worried about raising blood glucose levels and so they avoid potatoes’ natural sugar content. Carbohydrates can be a healthy part of any diabetic meal plan, when incorporated in correct portions.

Very suitable for Diabetes

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3 Maintain blood pressure

A banana has nine percent of your daily needs, a baked regular potato has twice as much, up to 20 percent, and a sweet one has 12 percent. Be careful how you cook them: Cubing potatoes before boiling can reduce potassium by 75 percent. Bake them with their skin on.

Maintain blood pressure

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4 Stress relievers

Potatoes are wonderful for stress relief on both body and mind. The cellular renewal is boosted by the rich source of vitamin B6 in potatoes. The creation of adrenaline hormones, which aid in fighting stress, is just one major benefit. They also produce GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), a hormone reduces stress and helps the brain to prepare itself for relaxation or sleep.

Stress relievers

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5 Restrain cancer cell growth

A sweet potato’s orange color comes from beta-carotene; the darker the tone, the higher the content. Beta-carotene turns on a gene that encourages our cells to communicate. While normal cells has good communication to their neighbors, cancer cells don’t communicate, and act on their own.

Restrain cancer cell growth

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6 Great for improvement of brain functions

If you want to have better brain functions and want to improve your general health, then add potatoes into your diet. The high amounts of copper and iron, also known for boosting brain activity, are found in potatoes. Preparing a baked potato and eating it, with skin and without salt, can lead to an improved memory. Manganese, potassium, and vitamin B6 and C are each known to assist in functions of the brain, while nerve centers respond positively to the fatty acids and amino acids found in potatoes.

Great for improvement of brain functions

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7 Wonderful food for the bones

Maintaining the bone health requires a complex mix of nutrients. A baked medium sweet potato with skin has 32 percent of your daily needs; a baked regular with skin has 22 percent.

Wonderful food for the bones

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8 Useful for those who suffer from kidney stones

Raised uric acid levels in the blood is the main contributor of kidney stones. The hard masses of calcium crystals in urine can create painful stones that are excruciating to pass. If you are suffering from this, you can find benefits from eating the entire potato peel. That is a rich source of relieving nutrients such as alkaline salts and the aforementioned copper, manganese, potassium, and B-vitamins.

Useful for those who suffer from kidney stones

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9 Good source of enzymes

Both regular and sweet potatoes are good sources of Vitamin B6. A baked medium potato with skin contains 25 percent of your daily needs. B6 is essential for more than 100 enzymic reactions that, among other roles, are critical in creating red blood cells and certain chemicals in our nervous system.

Good source of enzymes

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10 Good for keeping your skin healthy

Treating skin with potatoes is an inexpensive and natural way to look your best. Try a potato juice facial by topically applying it, or use sliced potatoes on eyelids to reduce the appearance of dark circles and swelling.

Good for keeping your skin healthy

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