10 Amazing Health Benefits of the Lotus Plant


The lotus scientifically called Nelumbo Nucifera is also a sacred symbol in various Southeast Asian cultures and India. It is a dominant symbol of Buddhism where meditative postures are associated with the lotus positon as well as chants that regards the lotus as a metaphor for the divine. Even as far back as ancient Egypt, the lotus was considered a sacred flower linked to creation and rebirth. Incidentally the Lotus is the national flower of India and Vietnam. Lotus plants usually grow in water bodies like ponds where the roots are firmly entrenched in the water bed.

Besides the cultural and spiritual symbolism of the Lotus, the plant has several health and medicinal properties. It is fortified with several essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as iron and copper. It prevents anemia by increasing blood circulation. Read on to find out 12 amazing health benefits of Lotus plant.


1 Positive Mood

Lotus root is full of vitamin B or pyridoxine that interacts with the brain’s neural receptors to reduce headache, prevent mental stress and induce a positive mood. It can also stabilize you, prevent irritation and help you remain calm and peaceful.

Positive Mood

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2 Regulates Normal Blood Pressure

Potassium in Lotus root helps regulate the balance of fluids in the body and promote a healthy heart. It also maintains the sodium levels in your blood and is a vasodilator that relaxes blood vessels, promoting healthy blood circulation. The element is also good for brain health and helps blood to flow freely to the brain resulting in healthy oxygenation of brain cells.

Regulates Normal Blood Pressure

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