10 Amazing and unbelievable medical breakthroughs made by teenagers

At a time when the young fraternity is looking for bright career choices, there are youth who have made special medical breakthroughs. These have made fighting many life threatening conditions fairly easy too. Take a look at these teenagers who inspire us all.


10 Ethan Manuell

Ethan Manuell had been wearing a hearing aid since the age of four. He participated in a science fair in his school and demonstrated the effect of air on zinc batteries in the hearing aid. He demonstrated that if battery was exposed to air before being put in use, it did last longer. His project was judged the winner in the fair and is considered one of the medical breakthroughs that can help save $70 a year spent on new zinc batteries.

Ethan Manuell

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9 Tony Hansberry

Tony Hansberry developed the procedure to suture patients after an operation through a safer and faster method. This is another of the medical breakthroughs that gave Tony an opportunity to do an internship at Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville in Florida. The procedure became so popular that it is now known as Hansberry stitch.

Tony Hansberry

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8 Suman Mulumudi

A fifteen year old inventor of Steth IO, Suman Mulumudi is credited with a medical breakthrough that is likely to make a doctor’s life easier. The Steth IO is an application for smart phone that is likely to make an ordinary stethoscope better.

It will display visual graph of heartbeat on the screen making a doctor’s work easier and more perfect.


Suman Mulumudi

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7 Elana Simon

Elana Simon was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer at a young age. This cancerous tumour was so difficult to judge that by the time it came to notice, the disease had advanced to its last level. Luckily she survived and worked on finding this cancer causing cell mutation.

She had genetically sequenced carcinoma cells along with her surgeon. She developed some solution for this problem and co-authored a paper on the same which was published in a prestigious science journal.

Elana Simon

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6 Jack Andraka

When Jack Andraka from Baltimore lost a close member of family to pancreatic cancer, he conducted research on biomarkers which eventually led to one of the medical breakthroughs in the field. He was able to develop a test that helped detect dangerous levels of mesothelin in the body.

Jack Andraka

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5 Brittany Wenger

Brittany Wenger initially worked on developing a system on judging artificial intelligence. When one of her relatives died of breast cancer she focused her attention on developing an AI system that could identify breast cancer.


She was the winner of 2012 Google Science Fair and her achievement was also acknowledged by Barack Obama, the President of United States of America.

Brittany Wenger

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4 Serena Fasano

Serena Fasano in 2003 developed a solution for killing E.coli bacteria. Her father was the Director of mucosal Biology Research Centre at University of Maryland and Serena took help from him in preparation of samples of E.coli for her.


She worked on developing lactobacillus which is known to kill E.coli. She is an educator in family planning in New York now.

Serena Fasano

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3 Joe Landolina

Joe Landolina participated in a business competition in 2011 where he competed with PhD students and came up with a plant based solution that could heal wounds and stop internal bleeding. In the following years, he came up with organic gel which could immediately stop bleeding when applied to a wound. The same is likely to be approved to be used for human use by 2016.

Joe Landolina

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2 Eric Chen

When H1N1 strain of influenza struck, Eric Chan started working on developing a computer program that could study the flu data. He presented his findings at Google Science Fair in 2013. He designed wet lab and came up with conclusive research on the deadly virus.

Eric Chen

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1 Angela Zhang

Angela had a passion for bio engineering and also wrote a research paper on cure for cancer. Her idea was to develop a mixture of cancer medicine with a polymer which was to be attached to nanoparticles. These will be attached to cancerous cells. She also presented its findings to Barack Obama at White House Science Fair in 2012.

With young brains working on such researches from such an early age, we are very sure that the future will see even more advancements in the field of medical science.

Angela Zhang

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