You might be sabotaging your diet with these so-called ‘health foods’!

5 Gluten-free foods

A recent survey has proved that most adults are of the view that a gluten-free diet is likely to be healthy option. With this, many people buy gluten-free products or avoid gluten. But according to a journal, it is revealed that 90 percent of people who think that they are sensitive to gluten can actually digest the protein with ease and are unlikely to face any health issues with it.

This is because unless you are diagnosed with celiac disease or you are sensitive to gluten, there is simply no need to eliminate gluten from your diet. In fact, gluten-free foods often contain more fat, calories, sodium and added sugars, all of which are unhealthy and can result in weight gain. Moreover, these foods lack essential nutrients like iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and B-vitamins.

Gluten-free foods

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