You might be sabotaging your diet with these so-called ‘health foods’!

There are healthy foods and there are unhealthy foods. And there are the so-called healthy foods that are actually over-rated in terms of health and nutrition. These foods may sound to be healthy, diet-friendly and low-calorie but in fact, quite often they are just the opposite. You may blame the manufacturers who play menace in hiding the heavy calorie counts behind false diet-friendly labels that further mention phrases like “enriched with vitamins”, “organic”, “all natural” and the like. On the other hand, it is also our own misconceptions regarding nutrition that are to be blamed for misleading us towards wrong choices. Here we scoop out 7 such over-rated health foods that are hyped with an immense reputation that they actually don’t deserve.

1 Flavored yoghurt

While natural plain yoghurt contains 3 tsp or 12 grams of milk sugar per cup. These are healthy natural sugars that are also found in dairy products, fruits and vegetables but if you are eating flavored yoghurt then you could be facing a health threat as with it, you are likely to consume more than 15 grams of added sugar along with 50 or more extra calories. Opting for plain, fat free yoghurt flavored with honey, maple syrup or a fruit spread can be a real healthy choice.

Flavored yoghurt

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