You might be sabotaging your diet with these so-called ‘health foods’!


There are healthy foods and there are unhealthy foods. And there are the so-called healthy foods that are actually over-rated in terms of health and nutrition. These foods may sound to be healthy, diet-friendly and low-calorie but in fact, quite often they are just the opposite. You may blame the manufacturers who play menace in hiding the heavy calorie counts behind false diet-friendly labels that further mention phrases like “enriched with vitamins”, “organic”, “all natural” and the like. On the other hand, it is also our own misconceptions regarding nutrition that are to be blamed for misleading us towards wrong choices. Here we scoop out 7 such over-rated health foods that are hyped with an immense reputation that they actually don’t deserve.

1 Flavored yoghurt

While natural plain yoghurt contains 3 tsp or 12 grams of milk sugar per cup. These are healthy natural sugars that are also found in dairy products, fruits and vegetables but if you are eating flavored yoghurt then you could be facing a health threat as with it, you are likely to consume more than 15 grams of added sugar along with 50 or more extra calories. Opting for plain, fat free yoghurt flavored with honey, maple syrup or a fruit spread can be a real healthy choice.

Flavored yoghurt

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2 Low fat foods

While the words “low fat” and “fat free” are enough to make us believe that these foods are a great way to slash extra fat and calories, it might not be true in case of processed, low-fat foods. This is because manufacturers make up for the reduced fat by incorporating added sugar, thus, adding more calories to the fat reduced versions, more rich in calories than their fat containing counterparts.

Low fat foods

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3 Energy bars

If you are an energy bar fan then you need to be careful before picking up just any random energy bar from the stores. Though not all energy bars are unhealthy, some do contain added sugars and saturated fats. Plus some bars may contain over 300 calories which is a whopping amount for a health conscious person.

Energy bars

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4 Dark chocolate

You may have heard that dark chocolate is good for your heart and memory and is considered as a great way to prevent Alzheimer’s and heart attacks. There is no denying the fact that all this is true but you should note that these health benefits are largely caused by the flavanols present naturally in the cacao plants. But, not all dark chocolates, after undergoing the manufacturing process are able to retain beneficial amounts of these compounds. So if you really want heart healthy and memory boosting dark chocolates then look for sources that guarantee the right amount of cocoa flavanols.

Dark chocolate

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5 Gluten-free foods

A recent survey has proved that most adults are of the view that a gluten-free diet is likely to be healthy option. With this, many people buy gluten-free products or avoid gluten. But according to a journal, it is revealed that 90 percent of people who think that they are sensitive to gluten can actually digest the protein with ease and are unlikely to face any health issues with it.

This is because unless you are diagnosed with celiac disease or you are sensitive to gluten, there is simply no need to eliminate gluten from your diet. In fact, gluten-free foods often contain more fat, calories, sodium and added sugars, all of which are unhealthy and can result in weight gain. Moreover, these foods lack essential nutrients like iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and B-vitamins.

Gluten-free foods

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6 Nutrition enhanced waters

Most of the nutrition enhanced waters sold in the market are liquid candy and no better than sugary beverages like fruit drinks, sodas and sweet tea. Plus they are packed with empty calories and added sugars; concocting a perfect recipe for weight gain.

Nutrition enhanced waters

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7 Pretzels

As white flour is the basic ingredient for all brands for pretzels, it means that they are made from flour that has been stripped off its fiber and nutrients. Even though pretzels are baked unlike fried potato chips that are fried, and labelled as diet friendly, they contain white refined carbs that can wreak havoc and spike up your blood sugar level. Go for whole wheat pretzels as they are a much healthier alternative.


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So, the next time you plan a diet, make sure you know your facts well and go for foods that are actually healthy and diet friendly and avoid getting caught up with over-rated health foods.


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