10 Worst Foods to Avoid if You Have Prostate Disease

8Sugar and artificial sweeteners

While it hasn’t been proven that sugar can cause prostate cancer, but it can still be harmful for both your prostate and your health. Excessive consumption of sugar eventually leads to obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.


Research has also shown that sugar can be used in larger quantities by cancerous tumor cells than normal cells. These findings confirmed that excessive sugar and artificial sweeteners should be excluded from your diet altogether.

Sugar and artificial sweeteners

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9Unfermented soy products

Many products like fruit drinks, sauces, cereals, soups, supplements, meal replacement shakes, and protein bars all contain soy isoflavones. Names such as textured protein, natural flavor, and bouillon are used as a pretext for this unfermented soy ingredient. This unhealthy form of soy is responsible for causing prostate problems, reproductive problems, thyroid problems, heart disease, mental decline and sometime even cancer.

Choosing to go for fermented soy products will prove to be a healthier decision as these soy products can provide you with many health benefits. Such products include fermented bean paste, soy sauce, miso etc.

Unfermented soy products

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10Heated oils

Uncooked vegetable oils such as soy, canola, and corn can be beneficial for your heart health. However, once these oils are heated to high temperatures they lose all their health benefits and turn into something that could potentially be dangerous for your heart. This is because the oil gets damaged by high heat. The good HDL cholesterol present in the oil gets converted under high temperatures into bad LDL cholesterol which causes heart disease and cancer. Prostate cancer is one likely cancer which is why heated oils are foods to avoid for prostate health.

Heated oils

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