Which Is The Healthiest Oil for Cooking, Research Has The Answer

One of the most widely asked questions on the internet is “What oil should I use for cooking?” or what oil is best suited for deep frying. There is such a big controversy and debate surrounding almost all oils that it becomes difficult and confusing for people to judge which oil is healthy or not. Deep frying especially is a subject of worry as everyone knows deep frying isn’t something ideal to do, but it is necessary in families worldwide. Not everyone wants to be deprived of certain deep-fried foods. Provided you are a healthy and active person, it can do much harm to eat deep-fried foods once in a while.


1What happens when you deep fry food?

Deep fried foods are an essential part of several cuisines. Many dishes require batter-fried foods before cooking. The ideal temperature for deep frying is 350–375°F (176–190°C). When the food is submerged in oil at this temperature, it begins to cook immediately but it also forms a type of seal that prevents oil from entering. This is why sometimes you may find your deep-fried food turning darker on the surface but the inside is still raw. For other foods, the moisture inside the foods begins to steam and cook it internally. The unfortunate thing is that deep-fried foods impact health negatively and by doing so using oil which increases that impact on your health. So, which are the healthiest oils for deep frying? Read on to find out.

What happens when you deep fry food

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2Temperatures need to be right during deep frying

When deep frying, the temperature has to be right because if it is too low, the oil seeps into the food. This is why you may sometimes find certain deep-fried foods soggy while others are dry and perfect inside. If the oil is too high, it will make the food too dry inside. Moreover, the oil may start to oxidize which is unhealthy. The main point of focus when dep frying is stability of temperature where some oils withstand much higher temperature than others.

Temperatures need to be right during deep frying

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3Cooking oils with higher smoke point are suitable for deep frying

Healthy cooking oils usually have a high smoke point and are stable when cooking. This means they don’t react with the oxygen when cooking and when heated to high temperatures. If there are higher levels of saturated fat in cooking oil, then it will also be more stable while heating.

Oils with saturated and monounsaturated fats are good for deep frying and cooking while those with polyunsaturated fats are best avoided.


The chemical structure of Polyunsaturated fats contains double bonds that react with oxygen and can form into compounds which when exposed to high temperatures can become bad for health. Deep frying should also take into consideration taste.

Cooking oils with higher smoke

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