Unusual and crazy ice cream flavors you never tasted before

In this world, there is now one who doesn’t crave for ice creams. Starting from children to teens to adults, everyone wants an occasion to have a scoop of their favorite flavor.


1 Coronation Chicken Ice Cream

Founder and head chef of the Gelupo brand in London, Jacob Kenedy, made a new flavor for the diamond jubilee Queen’s celebrations, from the coronation of chicken. Admitting that it would taste so much delicious, the proud chef said that he never thought about its taste and it would taste as good as initially he considered that it may taste awful.

Coronation Chicken Ice Cream

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


2 Ice Cream of Breast Milk

This may sound very gross to most of us but this is a fact an ice cream made from the women’s breast milk. Though it is medically proven that breast milk is best for an infant but what about the adults? This ice cream created quite a stir in London not only from what it was made from but also the name of the ice cream was kept as Baby Gaga. Another fascinating point for this flavor was that many, mothers of an infant, donated their breast milk for its production. Well can’t say whether it was a voluntary act or a marketing gimmick from the company.

Ice Cream of Breast Milk

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


3 Ice Cream Made from Crocodile Egg

It is a much known fact that all the ice creams are not vegetarian barring few of them. Still people can’t stop their temptation to have one even though they still not have non-veg in main course people still can have a scoop of an ice cream. But, whether you will have one if you get to know that your favorite flavor is being made from the egg of a crocodile then the usual chicken egg? In Davon City of Philippines, an ice cream parlor had introduced an ice cream made from crocodile egg and was surprise to see the response which was enormous owing to the fact that crocodile egg has less cholesterol than the regular egg of chicken, hence the health conscious don’t mind having an ice cream made from the croc’s eggs.

Ice Cream Made from Crocodile Egg

Image Source: www.quotidiano.net


4 Smoked Salmon Ice Cream

Another adding to our list of unusual ice creams is again a non-veg recipe of ice cream, known as smoked salmon ice cream. In Queens, a world renowned ice cream parlor took a suggestion from one their customer very seriously and created an ice cream which tastes like smoked salmon along with the cheese cream ice cream. The parlor, Max and Mina’s Homemade Ice Cream parlor, is well known for their amazing yet unusual and creepy inventions for ice cream flavors and other cold and chilled beverages and eatables.

Smoked Salmon Ice Cream

Image Source: www.eatout.co.za


5 Garlic Ice Cream

Just imagine you had a wonderful and one of the tastiest dinners in a very chilly winter and want to have an ice cream to freshen up your breath which is smelling garlic all over that you had in dinner. You visit to a very famous ice cream parlor but end up viewing an ice cream in the flavor of garlic. An amazing irony as it may look. But, this is a fact that their exists an ice cream flavor of garlic. Though, it is served alongside your main course steak dinner where this ice cream is considered as sauce.

Garlic Ice Cream

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6 Cheese Burger Ice Cream

Now this one should be loved by all. After all it has our favorite cheese burger flavor. Yes, an ice cream flavor of cheese burger does exist in Venezuela at the Heladeria Coromoto ice cream parlor. This ice cream parlor has more than 800 items in the menu and some of largely sold are cheese burger, corn, and spinach ice cream flavors. The recipe of the burger cheese flavor contains French fries along with meat and cheese. Difficult is to distinguish from the Mc. Donald’s happy meal menu and an actual ice cream.

Cheese Burger Ice Cream

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