Universal diets don’t work for everybody as it turns out that healthy foods are not that healthy for everyone!

It is true that most of us struggle with food and are almost always wanting to follow a diet, which would help us shed pounds. Many people in different parts of the world are falling prey to several diseases ranging from diabetes to cardiac problems to obesity and what not at an alarming rate. All this suggests that the present dietary policies might be effective to some while it remains ineffective to many. A new study proves that such a situation is nothing to be surprised about. It shows us that the way healthy foods work for some people might not be the same for other people. In short, how healthy foods end up metabolizing within the human body differs from individual to individual.

1 Different people respond differently to the same meal

It is quite often that many of us try out the latest diet trend and still find ourselves gaining weight and feeling awful at the fact that why such an effective diet that has shown positive results to so many is simply not working for us. Well, scientists have now found an explanation for this.

According to Israeli researchers, the same meal eaten by different people will respond in different ways to each of them, in fact, very differently. This means while your friend might lose a few inches by following a particular kind of diet you may not experience the same with that same diet and in fact end up gaining a few more pounds.

Different people respond differently to the same meal

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Lead authors Eran Elinav and Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute of Science concentrated on a single key component that is used for forming balanced diet plans such as Zone, Atkins or South Beach. Referred to as the glycemic index (abbreviated as G1), it was created many years ago as a means to ascertain how different foods impact the level of blood sugar and it is assumed to be a fixed value or number.

However, it is not the case! The truth established by the study is that it widely varies depending on the person.

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