10 Pretty Awesome Tricks You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Food

We all love to eat and the concoctions given to us today by manufacturers can make our mouths drool and salivate yet what we don’t know is that many of these food items can also be used in applications other than just shoving into our mouths. You will be surprised at what peanut butter can do; in fact, it’s downright astonishing what you will find out below. Similarly, there are several food tricks that are so insane, never in a million years would you even contemplate that food could have such uses. Without further ado, here are some food tricks to make you wonder.


1 Did you know peanut butter can turn coal to crystals?

That sounds absurd but believe it or not it is entirely true. Peanut butter can actually turn a piece of coal into a crystal. All you need is a jar of peanut butter, a coal and tongs. Now heat the coal thoroughly and then dip it into peanut butter. Coat the coal all over with peanut butter.

Peanut butter can turn coal to crystals

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A big surprise the next morning

Now remove the coal and dip it into a bowl of ice cubes. Now cover it with more ice and place it in the freezer and let it remain overnight. The next morning, take the coal and dip it in Luke warm water and rub off all the black soot. You’ll find a shiny crystal in its place. Isn’t that just amazing? The reason this happens is that peanut butter contains carbon dioxide and under pressure, it can turn coal into a crystal.

coal into crystal

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2Instant freezing water

Take a deep bowl of ice cubes and sprinkle rock salt on it. Mix it well. Then take a bottle of water and bury it in the ice cubes. Cover the bottle with more ice. Allow it to remain for 5 minutes. Now remove the bottle and place it upright. As soon as the air gets to it, you will find the water in the bottle freezing instantly into ice.

Instant freezing water


Why this happens

Since salt water has a lower melting point, the water on the surface of the ice cubes become colder, thus the water in the bottle too when covered with ice gets to the same temperature. Once you remove it from the ice, it instantly turns to ice.

Freezing water

Image Source: itsblossom.com

3Cleaning earrings with soda

Take a glass and fill it with soda water or sprite, then take whatever pendant or silver earring you may want cleaned and dip it into the soda and submerge the earrings. The acid of the soda will dissolve all the tarnish and dirt molecules making your earrings shiny and clean.

Cleaning earrings with soda

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4Removing wax from fruits

Do you know why your apple is always so nice and shiny? That is because apple producers coat them with a type of so-called edible wax to keep them glazed and shining so that they won’t lose their sheen in the transportation process. Just place the apple on a glass and pour warm water over it, the warm water will dissolve the wax.

Removing wax from fruits

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