Top 9 Ice Cream Flavors You Won’t Believe Exist


Eating ice cream is one of the things that make life on Earth heavenly and the possibility to pick new flavors besides the basic fruity, chocolate or vanilla flavors simply gives the ice cream lovers feeling as if they are in ice cream land. But, flavors should be mixed and you should try something new every time you have a chance. How about a bacon flavored ice cream, or spaghetti and cheese? Sounds kind of not really tasty, right? Well, these Ice Cream flavors and some more even more unusual exist and ice cream lovers want to taste them and as long as there are buyers these flavors will exist and many more weird would come.

#1. Bacon ice cream

Ok, the world, at least part of it has a mild obsession with bacon, so someone thought that this fact should be brought to a whole new level. An ice cream with a taste of bacon. It might have not been received well by the people for obvious reasons, but for those who have tried chocolate covered Pretzels or chocolate chip cookies covered with sea salt, will know that the sweet/salty combination can pass. Some chain fast food restaurants are offering this flavor but will it beat chocolate and vanilla? No way.

Bacon ice cream

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#2. Doughnut ice cream

Well this may be actually tasty. The thing is that the ice cream is made in the famous doughnut shape and would certainly attract people who love ice cream and doughnuts. Sweet, covered with sugar and chocolate frosting and are made of ice cream. What is possibly better than that?

Doughnut ice cream

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#3. Spaghetti and cheese

There is only one question that anyone who actually came to see or even taste this ice cream asked themselves and that was “Why?” Why anyone thought mixing pasta and cheese with ice cream was a good idea? There is a Latin proverb that says that tastes should not be discussed but ice cream supposed to be sweet and make you feel happy. Not that spaghetti is bad, but salty and cheesy ice cream is probably the last thing people would want to taste. But, let’s not judge, maybe there are people who find this flavor really delicious.

Spaghetti and cheese

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#4. Viagra ice cream

Italians created this ice cream flavor, of course who else but these passionate people. The idea is slightly crazy but if it will sell the ice cream, then why not. What you think did men actually wanted to taste this ice cream?

Viagra ice cream

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#5. Crocodile egg ice cream

This unusual frozen treat has been introduced at the Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream in Davo City, Philippines. So, yes it is actually made from crocodile eggs, according to its owner Bianca DizonBianca who claims that the crocodile ice cream is “more nutritious than its classic counterparts since it contains less cholesterol”, and that “it provides more protein than ordinary chicken eggs”. Would you even taste this?

#6. Breast milk ice cream

Ok this is the top, this is the worst, this is literally not acceptable, right? London ice cream shop The Icecreamists caused a stir when they started selling breast milk ice cream. The ice cream has a name – Baby Gaga. The controversial ice cream flavour was created using freshly-expressed breast milk donations from members of the public, blended with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest.

#7. Garlic ice cream

This one should not be eaten in public or on a date for sure. The garlic flavoured ice cream is maybe acceptable for people who love garlic, but still, if you are going to eat garlic at least eat it in its raw form. A touch of honey is often added to the recipe to bring out the natural sweetness of the garlic. The acceptable thing is that this ice cream is actually served as a sauce alongside main dishes like steak.

#8. Horsemeat ice cream

This flavor is sold in Japan, Tokyo in an ice cream store called Basashi ice. Maybe in Japan is acceptable to eat horsemeat, but in the rest of the world this flavor and just the idea to eat these gracious animals is kind of repulsing.

#9. Octopus ice cream

The famous ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s is known for their insane mixes and ice cream creations but they are not like the Japanese ice cream flavor creators of this insane flavor. Those adventurous ice cream enthusiasts will be beyond happy to taste this octopus flavoured ice cream known as Taco Aisu.

Octopus ice cream

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