Top 9 Ice Cream Flavors You Won’t Believe Exist

Eating ice cream is one of the things that make life on Earth heavenly and the possibility to pick new flavors besides the basic fruity, chocolate or vanilla flavors simply gives the ice cream lovers feeling as if they are in ice cream land. But, flavors should be mixed and you should try something new every time you have a chance. How about a bacon flavored ice cream, or spaghetti and cheese? Sounds kind of not really tasty, right? Well, these Ice Cream flavors and some more even more unusual exist and ice cream lovers want to taste them and as long as there are buyers these flavors will exist and many more weird would come.

#1. Bacon ice cream

Ok, the world, at least part of it has a mild obsession with bacon, so someone thought that this fact should be brought to a whole new level. An ice cream with a taste of bacon. It might have not been received well by the people for obvious reasons, but for those who have tried chocolate covered Pretzels or chocolate chip cookies covered with sea salt, will know that the sweet/salty combination can pass. Some chain fast food restaurants are offering this flavor but will it beat chocolate and vanilla? No way.

Bacon ice cream

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