10 Things That Can Happen To Your Body If You Consume Ginger Every Day

4Ginger helps in treating menstruation cramps

Yes, that’s right; ginger can actually give you relief from those horrible period cramps. As a pain reliever, this is quite logical and was also proven by a study where 150 women who were menstruating took 1 gram ginger powder daily for the first three days of their period. They all confirmed relief from pain because of cramps where some said the pain relief was better than OTC medication. Before reaching for that medicine, try ginger instead.


Image Source: www.healthline.com

5Ginger can even help prevent cancer

In various studies, gingerol in ginger was found to fight off cancer where one study involving 30 people consumed 2 grams of ginger daily to decrease the inflammation in the colon while other studies proved how ginger root can also help prevent cancers of the pancreas, breast and ovarian cancer. However, more research is required in this regarded to support and confirm the claims. Regardless of whether it can prevent cancer or not, the main key here is that ginger prevents inflammation a key factor that cancer.


Image Source: onlymyhealth.com

6Boosts immunity and is an anti-bacterial

Ginger has natural anti-bacterial properties and can easily fight infections by boosting the immune system for overall health. Besides this is one of the best ways to boost your immunity is also thinking and staying positive.


Image Source: healthline.com

7Ginger can prevent Alzheimer’s

Yes, you heard that right. Ginger can prevent Alzheimer’s. Certain studies researching ginger found how the root can improve cognitive function and improve memory in middle-aged women. Other studies have shown that ginger can also prevent and reduce the risk of decline in cognitive function because of aging. It also prevents fights and reduces inflammation in the brain that has been strongly linked to Alzheimer’s.


Image Source: www.greenmedinfo.com


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