These easy hacks to healthy eating on Thanksgiving will make you avoid overeating


Thanksgiving is literally just around the corner and most of you must be going out of your way to curb eating now and save your appetite for the Day. Thanksgiving has slowly become a festival of eating more than anything. Yes, eating on thanksgiving cannot be curbed but you can enjoy the festival without overeating. Brian Wansink, who wrote ‘Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions and Mindless Eating’, explains in his book how we tend to eat more than what we think. This is one of the reasons of overeating on Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving, let the stuffing be left to just turkey, and not you becoming stuffed like a turkey. On an average, we consume 1,800-2000 calories each day but on Thanksgiving, it is easily around 4000 or more. Any plans of dieting fall flat on that day when you are surrounded by friends, family, food, and festivity.

Thanksgiving is all about eating healthy home cooked meals with your entire family and therefore, we have got you some really easy hacks to healthy eating on Thanksgiving this Thursday, which will keep you satiated but light. Follow these and you won’t need Joey’s Thanksgiving pants from ‘Friends’.


1 No snacking

Firstly, it is important to understand that Thanksgiving is about home cooked food, and the bag of potato chips or those peanuts on the table ‘DO NOT’ count as home cooked food! The easiest way to cut back on calories this Thursday will be to say no to those potato chips and other munchies pre-meal. If you cut back on those pre-meal snacks, you cut back around 900 calories, and it is much easier to say no to the chips than the yummy dishes that await you on the feast table.

No snacking

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